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Let Robbie Williams entertain you with his amazing new app!

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Robbie Williams: the gift that just keeps on giving. Not content with being one of the biggest pop stars on the plant, Robbie is branching out in a bid to keep up with the ever-changing digital market.

First we had Kim Kardashian's Kimoji, then it was Justin Bieber and his Justmoji, not forgetting Amber Rose and the Muvamoji – now Robbie, 42, gives us RobbieMoji. The app features a selection of emojis, GIFs and videos, all inspired by Robbie and the most iconic moments from his 25 year career.

Robbie Williams is keeping up with Kim Kardashian by launching his own emojis

The Angels hit maker shared a some of his new emojis on Twitter, and wrote: "Let These Entertain You #RobbieMoji." And trust us, you will be entertained.

As well as Robbie-themed takes on your favourite emoticons (think the eggplant, kissing wink and love eyes), you can also create your own memes. There's also a nod to the recent risqué video posted by Robbie's wife Ayda, which shows him naked with only a cake over covering his modesty.

But fans shouldn't be discouraged by the launch of Robbie's new app because it was recently confirmed he is working on new music. In May he signed a new record deal with Sony Music and insisted his 11th studio album will be out later this year.

He and wife Ayda are said to be trying for their third child

With his app and new music to focus on, and Ayda's new job on Loose Women – not to mention their two young children Teddy and Charlton – you'd think the duo would be satisfied with their hectic workloads. But earlier this month it was reported they're already broody for another baby!

A source told The Sun: "Robbie's been telling people he and Ayda are trying for another child – and that they have been practising a lot."

You could never accuse him of being shy, could you?