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Double trouble! Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears wreak havoc at the mall

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Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears wreaked absolute havoc as they hit the mall in LA. The pair made sure all eyes were on them as they strutted through Westfield Fashion Square shouting: "We're celebrities".

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A new video by The Ellen DeGeneres Show was posted online, showing just the kind of commotion the stars caused.

ellen degeneres1

Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears strutted their stuff at the mall

"I told Britney we could do whatever we wanted because we're famous and here's what happened..." said Ellen as she introduced the video.

The comedian and the Toxic singer, who flaunted her washboard abs in a crop top and shorts, began their shopping spree with a visit to Bloomingdale's.

"We're celebrities, we're celebrities," shouted Ellen as she pushed in front of people to enter the store. Walking up to a punch bag and starting to hit it repeatedly, she said: "We got a lot of anger we're celebrities, angry celebrities."

ellen degeneres3

"I told Britney we could do whatever we wanted because we're famous," said Ellen

The troublesome duo then raced the wrong way up the escalator, before Britney tried on a men's suit jacket – and then shoplifted it from the store.

The stars also stopped by the children's play area where Ellen dished out some advice to a 14-year-old boy. When he said he wanted to be a doctor, the comedian replied: "No, no, you know what you should be? A celebrity. It's much better than a doctor. You know how much doctors make? Eh, I don't know. But you know how much celebrities make? A lot! College, waste of time. Neither of us went to college and look at us."

"Maybe you could do both," suggested Britney, which Ellen quickly dismissed.

ellen degeneres4

Their trip ended with a nap at Pottery Barn

Speaking to a group of adults about their responsibilities as parents, Ellen added: "The most important thing, start auditioning them early, start putting them on diets, get facials, massages. You're welcome, you're welcome."

Next the pair picked up some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and sat down to eat at Pottery Barn. "Britney Spears is very famous, very wealthy, she has more money than Ben or Jerry put together," Ellen told the ice cream vendor.

Watch the video to find out exactly what the pair got up to!

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