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Ryan Gosling school Jimmy Kimmel in the fancy footwork of the waltz

By Sarah Walker

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In his new film La La Land, Ryan Gosling makes it more clear than ever that he's more than just an actor — he's also an incredible dance partner! On Wednesday night, he put some of his moves to the test on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Though the dad to two claims to have forgotten much of what he learned on set, he went on to demonstrate that he can still ace the fancy footwork of a complicated routine: the waltz.


Ryan and Emma Stone co-star in La La Land

"I remember the waltzing, that's pretty easy, but I don't remember the tap dancing," Ryan explained. "Is waltzing easy?" Jimmy asked. "I think I know where this is going," the actor said with a smile. "Are you asking me to show you how to waltz?" The 36-year-old then grabbed Jimmy by the hand and led him to the dance floor. With music supplied by the show's band, the two began an impromptu lesson.


Ryan Gosling is a definite triple threat

"My forefinger and my thumb are going to start talking to your lower back," Ryan told the host as he placed his arm around his waist. "I need your lower back to just pay attention, all right?" While Ryan attempted to keep a straight face, Jimmy had a hard time maintaining his composure throughout the lesson. "Stop the music! Who are you looking at?" the Canadian star asked the 49-year-old . "Are you dancing with over there or are you dancing with me? I want to feel like the only person in the room. The world melts away and it's just you and I!"

Ryan Gosling Teaches Jimmy Kimmel the Waltz

Before showing off his twinkle toes, Eva Mendes's partner spoke about his latest acting project: the upcoming Blade Runner sequel with Harrison Ford. Calling his co-star a "cool" he said: "I asked him one night who he got his sense of humour from, his mother or his father. He just stared me down and said, 'Sears,'... 'I got it from Sears, and they were closing and I didn't have time to shop around, so I just had to grab one.'"

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