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David Blaine shoots himself in the mouth after stunt goes wrong

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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David Blaine has spoken about how he thought he was dead after one of his gun stunts went wrong.

In the stunt, which was shown on E4 show Beyond Magic, David was supposed to catch a bullet in a metal cup held between a gum shield in his mouth. The magician has been performing the stunt since 2010, but during this instance the cup had been slipping in and out of the grooves of the mouth guard, resulting in the gum shield shattering after the bullet was fired and leaving the 43-year-old with a lacerated throat. The star opened up about the moment he realised the trick went wrong, admitting that he thought he had died.

"Time just started to move really slow," he said. "When the bullet struck the cup, there was a high-pitched ringing in my ears and I felt an impact on the back of my throat. I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead. Suddenly I became aware of the pain and it brought me back. At that moment I realised that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive."

David suffered a lacerated throat as a result, but has confirmed that he is still planning to perform the stunt again during his upcoming tour. Fans were quick to discuss the incident, with one tweeting: "David Blaine is not even phased by catching a bullet in his teeth yet I can't even make a latte at work without feeling nervous." Another shared a photo of himself with the star, joking: "I'm with @davidblaine and he is still alive."

david b1© Photo: Getty Images

The star plans to try the stunt again

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