Melanie Sykes talks to HELLO! about her teenage sons: 'I love them being who they are'

Melanie Sykes has opened up about how she likes to spend time with her eldest son Roman, revealing that the pair love watching films together. Chatting to HELLO! at the launch for Lyons Coffee Bags, she said: "Roman plays video games and things like that, which I'm not interested in doing, but we watch movies together. He just recently got me to watch the Terminator movies which I've never seen and they're amazing! They're so good! That's been our little thing and we've been watching Star Wars although I love Star Wars anyway, I watched them when I was younger, but I've re-watched them again with him."

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Melanie opened up about her sons

The new voiceover for Blind Date has two sons - Roman, 14, and Valentino, 12 – and continued to open up about them growing into teenagers. "They're older, they're boys, they're very independent," she said. "My youngest has autism so he needs a little bit more help than Roman but generally they're not toddlers anymore, they're not babies you know, so my life is a lot easier in some respects... I love them being who they are right now."

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Melanie is a huge fan of coffee

Melanie is in partnership with Lyons Coffee Bags for good reason, as she also revealed that she drinks around six cups of coffee a day! She told HELLO!: "The first thing I have in the morning, before I eat, I like a coffee. I don't having my breakfast with my coffee. I have to have my coffee on its own... I get up, make sure the boys are up, put the kettle on, organise them and sit and have my coffee as they're eating their breakfast – that's what I do every morning! Then when they're off having showers I'll sit and have breakfast." The fitness guru admitted she doesn't tend to involve coffee into her fitness routine, but might have a double expresso before heading to the gym to "get through the session".