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SJP reveals how she unwinds when kids are ‘content and tucked away’

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It’s surprising that Sarah Jessica Parker is able to find time to relax given the numerous hats she wears as a mother, wife, actress and designer. When asked point-blank how she unwinds during her Capitol File Magazine interview, the Divorce star initially answered, “I don’t know,” before admitting, “I read a lot. I get in bed after all the little kids are hopefully content and tucked away and perhaps even asleep, and I watch television.” The mum-of-three continued, “But I also go to the theater a lot. And I take a subway there, which I love, because I can read the entire time. I love going to the theater and ballet by myself. I also love to be joined by friends.”


sjp 2© Photo: Getty Images

Sarah said her favorite way to unwind is in NYC 

While exploring New York City acts as a release, Sarah also revealed that her hometown serves as an “endless source of inspiration” for her. She explained, “I just got off the subway and I’m looking everywhere, I’m watching people. When I travel, I’m always looking down because, especially in large cities and international airports, you’re always seeing things that are interesting.”

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The Divorce star noted that her children and NYC are her biggest sources of inspiration 

Outside of the city and back at home, Sarah, who shares son James, 14, and seven-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, with husband Matthew Broderick, said that her children are also a source of her creativity. The 52-year-old said, "You can spend a day with your children and have an experience. They are the lens through which you’re seeing things. It’s all different colors and activity and structure and everything—art, literature."

Though SJP loves spending time with her kids, she noted that home isn’t just where her family is. "It’s great to be home,” the Sex and the City alum said of her return to HBO for her latest series Divorce. "It’s familiar, it’s the people you want to please most, it’s challenging, standards are high.” Sarah added, “It’s so delightful to be back there and telling the story I want to tell and being supported and given the opportunity and the resources to do it and work with the extraordinary actors who I love, who I think are incredible and inspiring. It’s been a total thrill.”

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