Watch Catherine Zeta Jones’ adorable birthday video for her teenage daughter

Catherine Zeta Jones has proved her talents extend far beyond acting – and it seems that she is a dab hand when it comes to creating videos too! To celebrate her daughter Carys turning 14 on Thursday, the doting mum made a sweet birthday montage for the teenager’s big day, which featured never-before-seen family photos. Through clever editing, the footage, which was shared on her Instagram account, began with a typewriter spelling out a message reading "Carys is a Welsh feminine given name derived from the word caru, 'To love.'" While a series of adorable family pictures then followed, the highlight of the video was a throwback clip taken from the family’s own home movies, which saw Carys as a little girl performing a dance routine to the camera. Referring to the sweet clip, the A-lister wrote: "Happy Birthday @carys.douglas. So many wonderful times over the past 14 years. Remembering today when I took you fishing on the dock, we never caught a fish, but you put on a good show!! #dancingonthedock."

Catherine made a sweet birthday video for her teenage daughter on her birthday

Catherine, who is also the mother to 16-year-old Dylan, who she shares with husband Michael Douglas, often speaks out about her love of motherhood, and recently revealed that when it comes to raising teenagers – she is up for the challenge! On the TODAY show in March, the Feud star said of parenting: "I love it! I love it! I kind of preempted the roll-your-eyes teenager years. I love. It. I just love the freshness. It’s all so exciting to me!"

Doting mum Catherine enjoys raising two teenagers with her husband Michael Douglas

The 47-year-old actress went on to explain how she is relishing being deeply involved in her childrens’ lives, especially since her own adolescence was less than normal. "I was working when I was my son’s age. I was in the theatre, and I look at him, and I go, ‘Wow, I was working when I was your age.' So I’m just enjoying this time, learning a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t know."

In a recent interview published in HELLO!, Catherine also revealed that both children were set for a career on stage, likely to follow in the footsteps of their A-list parents and grandfather, Kirk Douglas. Talking about their passion, the star said: “I think they're good at it. When they're on stage, you want to look at them. And they're interested in the craft. My sons wants to do a Bachelor of Arts in theatre. My daughter wanted to be a paediatrician until she was five, when she decided acting was better."

Discussing their other talents, Catherine explained her household is a very "happy" one. "They're very musical, so we sing through life - which is a great treat for me because my husband… well, I love him, but he can't sing a note," she explained. "You know, he claims he sang on the backing track to When the Going Gets Tough, the Touch Gets Going but I know Billy Ocean wouldn't let him. But my daughter plays piano, my son plays bass guitar and lead guitar and I just bought him a huge drum set, to his father's distaste. They love disco, my son's into the Rolling Stones, and it's all very eclectic and wonderful. I love the fact that they love music so much."