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Tom Hardy becomes a real life superhero to catch thief

A moped thief got more than he bargained for when he was chased down by Tom Hardy

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Hollywood star Tom Hardy jumped into action when he reportedly made a citizen's arrest in London after catching a man who had stolen a moped. According to reports, the Dark Knight Rises actor ran after a man who crashed the moped in Richmond, south west London on Sunday. A passer-by who saw the action told The Sun: "It was mental – like he’d switched to superhero mode in an action movie. Two boys on the nicked moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car. Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious. If the kid had been dumb enough to resist I reckon Tom would have given him a good hiding."

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Tom stopped a moped thief

The witness continued to joke that Tom was "clearly not a man you'd mess with," as the Oscar-nominated actor allegedly searched the culprit for weapons and checked his ID. Fans were quick to voice their praise for the quick thinking star, with one writing: "Absolutely piddling myself at the #TomHardy story today. What a superstar. Imagine what went through that kid's mind when he was caught." Another added: "Tom Hardy fights crime & comes up with killer one liners… Surely he could be the first none toff #007?"

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The actor recently delighted fans after reading a story on CBeebies and, as a father-of-two himself, Tom has previously opened up to HELLO! Online about the impact his children have had on his life. "Being a father has given me the kind of purpose that makes you think more carefully about how you live your life," he said. "I made a lot of mistakes and I put my mum and dad through a lot because they were so worried about me. I take great pride in being a father and make sure I'm there for him and helping him as he makes his way in the world."

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