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Pamela Anderson opens up about her 'Baywatch' days and passion for advocacy

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Pamela Anderson, 49, has enjoyed a successful career in the spotlight as a talented actress and activist, ever since rising to fame in the nineties. These days, not only is she an outspoken advocate for animal rights, but she’s also mum to sons Brandon, 20, and Dylan, 19. With Baywatch hitting the big screen this summer, fans were thrilled to hear that Pamela will be joining Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra in the movie. HELLO! caught up with the stunning Canadian native to learn more about her passions and her big year ahead.


We’re looking forward to seeing you appear in the Baywatch reboot. Do you have a fondest memory of your experience on the show? "I loved the series Baywatch. It was organic and we all really loved the beach and loved working on the show. So many memories. I brought my dog to work every day. We all would have been on the beach anyway, so getting paid for it was a bonus."

Is there anything you’re working on, or that is challenging you, this year? "Activism is not easy or convenient, so lots of challenges. I’m enjoying writing and volunteering. It is my full time job now."


Pamela is mum to sons Brandon and Dylan 

As your sons get into the business (Brandon an actor, Dylan a musician), have you offered them a key bit of advice? "They don’t need any advice except to stay true to themselves. There are no rules when you are making up your own life. I’m fortunate I have such interesting and creative kids. They got this!"

What have your sons taught you about yourself? "They do try to give me advice, that’s the funny part. I always say, 'You be you and I’ll be me.' I think we are all doing alright."

Any special plans to ring in your milestone 50th birthday on July 1? "I’m not a big birthday girl. I’ve had lots of offers but I think I’ll do something for charity, if anything."

When do you feel at your most beautiful? "When I’m working hard."

How has your personal style evolved over the years? "My personal style has always been simple. You may not believe me but I have a lot of fun friends and ex-husbands who liked to dress me up. That’s been fun but I feel now more than ever I am just me."


Pamela recently made the fashion week rounds in Paris and Milan

You’ve written quite a bit — everything from poetry to fiction to advice columns. I wonder what you’re reading now, what’s on your bedside table? "I read Anaïs Nin regularly and William Blake and Walt Whitman. I’m a poet at heart. I have to laugh when people refer to my writing as “bizarre poetry- slightly erotic and hysterical.” I am not a trained writer. It is just natural, so whatever it’s called it’s not meant to be anything but it is. It’s a compliment that people read it at all!"

Although you’re the epitome of the California beach girl and you travel all over the world, we never forget you’re Canadian. What’s the most Canadian thing about you? "Being polite, yet persistent. I don’t complain and I try and make lemonade out of lemons. Ha!"

Many people look up to you for the ways you invented and reinvented yourself as an actress, an activist, a writer — I wonder who you admire, look up to? "I don’t know if I’ve reinvented myself. I am just me and with age comes the adventure. I think the ‘perceived personality’ took over at one point but I am the same I’ve always been - a trouble maker, mischievous, but wanting to improve the world through love and kindness. I feel like I’ve found some wonderful ways to centre myself, like drawing, painting and ballet."

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