Ant and Dec earn a staggering £79,000 a day!

That works out as 91p a second for TV's golden boys

Ant and Dec are the undisputed kings of British television. The duo have racked up countless awards, and continue to dominate Saturday night TV, with shows including I'm A Celebrity, Britain's Got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway. And it seems that all their hard work is really paying off. New documents shows that the pair raked in a massive £29.5million between them in the last year – which works out as an average of £79,000 a day, or just over 91p a second.


Ant and Dec raked in a massive £29.5million between them in the last year

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Ant and Dec, both 41, first met as teenagers on the BBC children's drama Byker Grove, and have since forged a strong friendship and partnership that means they are rarely apart on screen. The earnings have come from the pair's companies; both Ant and Dec earn Hurley Promotions, which earned £3.41million, and Mitre Television, which produces Saturday Night Takeaway and earned just under £2million. Ant also owns Teecourt, which made him £11.99million in salary and image rights, while Dec owns Deecourt, which earned him £12.09million, also in salary and image rights.

Their good fortune looks set to continue. The duo are bringing back their hit Saturday morning TV show, SM:TV Live, next year to celebrates its 20 year anniversary. And last year they signed a golden handcuffs deal with ITV worth £30million, which will extend their relationship with the channel to 2019.

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An insider told the Sun: "Ant and Dec are two of the hardest-working and well-liked people in the industry but these figures are unbelievable. It's a testament to their character that you never see them flouting their cash or acting flash despite being the best paid stars in British telly."