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Aaron Carter reveals the reason behind his shocking weight loss

The signer claims he is lactose intolerant

aaron carter
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Singer Aaron Carter's stomach disorder makes him feel like an 80-year-old man. The 29-year-old pop star was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) last weekend and fans were stunned by his unflattering mugshot, in which he appeared extremely gaunt and sick, prompting some to question his drug use and overall welfare.

Aaron was hurt by all the online chatter and claims his thinness stems from a hiatal hernia stomach condition.

aaron carter

Aaron Carter was arrested on suspicion of DUI

"I am not a meth head (methamphetamine abuser)," he insisted during an Entertainment Tonight interview. "I have never touched it (drug) in my life. I have a stress condition of an 80-year-old man. I am also lactose intolerant."

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A hiatal hernia causes part of the stomach to push through the diaphragm and Aaron went on to explain his eating habits have never been the same since he was diagnosed at 19, and the stress he has to deal with from all the negative fan feedback inflames his stomach and makes it hard to keep anything down.

"How would you feel every two seconds, seeing a tweet, 'You have AIDS. Go die. Oh, look at this meth head. Oh, meth kills. Crack kills,'" he asked. "It's body shaming and it's the toughest thing to deal with."

"To everybody I say, 'Give me a break so I can look better, so I can eat,'" he begged his critics.

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Aaron has undertaken cosmetic procedures in an attempt to enhance his appearance for unimpressed fans, admitting to injecting fillers like Voluma, Restylane and JUVEDERM to plump up his face. He is also planning to attend courses at a D1 Sports Training camp to build up his bulk.

However, Aaron admits his confidence is still low and he is facing an uphill battle: "To keep it 100 per cent with you, there are so many other guys out there that have been reaching out to me on Twitter that have said, 'Thank you so much Aaron, you're the first man that stepped up about weight issues'," he shared. "I'm actually becoming a voice for people who are going through this.

"(Low body confidence for men) does happen. A lot more. The difference is, men are a lot more prideful. We don't want to admit it. I don't want to admit I don't look good."

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