Robbie Williams' children sing along to his hit track – watch the cute video

The singer shares two young children with his wife Ayda Field

Robbie Williams has two very adorable fans – his daughter Teddy and his son Charlton! The singer's wife Ayda Field has shared a video on Instagram, showing the family enjoying a walk in the countryside while singing along to Robbie's hit track, Love My Life. The couple's children were the cutest, belting out the lyrics word perfect as they enjoyed their family day out. Ayda, 38, also uploaded another post of her four-year-old daughter standing at the top of a hill.

Robbie is clearly enjoying being reunited with his wife of seven years and their two kids. The Angels singer, 43, has been on tour and in the past week, he has performed in Finland and Denmark. On Friday, Ayda revealed on Loose Women that she would finally be seeing Robbie and celebrating a belated seventh wedding anniversary.


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Ayda and her husband Robbie enjoyed a day out with their children

"Seven years married, eleven together," Ayda said. "It makes me feel so grown-up and old! I'm actually going to see him tonight for the first time in a bit so, I shaved my legs. You know it's special when I shave the legs! I know poor guy. I mean I didn't go full thigh, I just went to the knee. It's still a to-do. Seven years, he's lucky he gets the ankle!" She added: "No I feel a bit like a teenager, I'm giddy – little date night, with lots of other people and children and dogs and I'm sure Nando's."


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The actress also shared another photo of her daughter

Ayda and Robbie occasionally share photos of their son and daughter, although the showbiz couple make a conscious effort to keep their kids' faces hidden from public view. During a previous appearance on Loose Women, the former Take That star opened up about their policy, saying: "We never show their faces, it's really important to us. We're really proud and we want to share absolutely everything but there's a law in this country that they can't put pictures up of kids in the papers unless you're posting their faces."