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Olivia Culpo offers the best ways to avoid a stressful holiday

By Alisandra Puliti

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and with thatmeans your calendars are about to become a bit more jammed with attending parties,shopping for the perfect gifts or even throwing your own soirée. During thistime, it’s important to keep the holiday cheer alive and not get overwhelmed orstressed. “I think that a lot of people think that everything has to be oneparticular way and they try to plan how it is going to go,” Olivia Culpo, whoteamed up with Stella Artois to Host One to Remember tells HELLO!. “That is theexact recipe for disaster.”

The former Miss USA-turned-actress – she has two moviescoming out with Bruce Willis and Amy Schumer respectively – put together astress-free guide to surviving the weeks leading up to 2018 from party tips to decidingwhere to spend the holidays with your significant other.

Olivia teamed up with Stella Artois to Host One to Remember Photo: Instagram/@oliviaculpo

HELLO!: How do you not get overwhelmed when hosting a party?“The number one trick is not feeling like it has to beperfect. It’s never going to be perfect. It’s never going to be how you plan itin your head. Have three to four people around you that whole day that will beable to help.”


What are three tips to planning a successful party?“Plan in advance as much as possible. Good food and drinks. Itneeds to have enough people to where everybody feels comfortable. I think themore the merrier, it’s my personal philosophy.”

Olivia is the middle sibling of five kids Photo: Instagram/@oliviaculpo

When it comes to gifts, how can someone keep cost down?“We do Secret Santa which works out really well becausethere are seven of us. I have four brothers and sisters and then my parents andnow they are all dating and fiances, so it’s a lot. We have a really low moneybudget. The idea is we don’t want it to be about gifts, which I think is reallynice. We just try to make the holidays about celebrating our life with each other.”


So how do you find that perfect Secret Santa gift?“I would say the perfect gift is picking out something youwould be very excited to receive. If you stick to that, you’ll be successful. ”


The model-turned-actress has been dating New England Patriots player Danny Amendola Photo: Getty Images

Splitting the holidays between couples can cause issues.What’s the best way to approach this?“It should definitely be a give and take. Making thosedecisions into such a big deal is what causes the stress to begin with so justgo with the flow. Set up what is important to one person and the other personand then you can figure out what you have to do to make it even. One personcould also be going through more family stuff and you have to be there, and youhave to be understanding.”