Andrea McLean insists third marriage will survive the Loose Women curse

The Loose Woman star married third husband Nick Feeney in November

It's been four months since Andrea McLean "I do" to her sweetheart Nick Feeney, and whilst she is enjoying married life, the TV presenter has insisted that she won't fall victim to the "Loose Women curse". She told The Mirror: "Once you marry a Loose Woman you have to become a Loose Man, that's how it goes. He's super chilled about it. He's the most relaxed person I know." It was recently raised that the beloved ITV daytime show was cursed because so many of the Loose Women hosts' relationships have collapsed over the years.

Andrea McLean married third husband Nick Feeney in November

Andrea, 48, tied the knot to Nick after four years of dating. The TV star went on to admit that the couple first got together when they were both at their "absolute lowest" - she was going through menopause and was not looking for anything new after her divorce with Steve Toms, while Nick's marriage to his former wife also ended. "We went straight into seeing each other at our absolute lowest and we both got better," she added. "Now it's great. Sometimes it can happen the other way around with wine and roses, and everyone showing their best side, but we met showing out worst sides."

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Andrea and Nick were first introduced to each other after they were set up on a blind date. In a previous interview with HELLO!, Andrea had nothing but nice things to say about their romance. "I never thought I'd feel like this again, that I'd fall in love and get the chance to start a new life," she said. "It's been a revelation to him too. And because we make each other so happy, it's changed our lives. So many people have commented on how much more positive I've become since I met him. Thanks to Nick, I'm no longer looking backwards, I'm looking forwards."

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