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What is Emma Watson's net worth? Harry Potter star's estimated fortune revealed

Find out Emma Watson's net worth here - it might surprise you

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Jenni McKnight
Jenni McKnightUS Lifestyle Editor
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Emma Watson was just 11-years-old when she shot to fame playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, and her career has gone from strength-to-strength since completing the eighth and final film in 2011. As well as a hugely successful film career, with titles including Beauty and the Beast, Noah and The Perks of Being a Wallflower under her belt, Emma is also a successful model, having done campaigns for Burberry and Lancome, a fashion consultant for People Tree, and the UN Women Goodwill ambassador. As such a busy, passionate and dedicated Hollywood A-lister, needless to say that Emma has an impressive net worth – but just how much is it?

What is Emma Watson's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Bling Ring actress is worth an incredible $80million, which equates to £63million. According to The Sunday Times Rich List, the star was paid £50million for her work on the Harry Potter films, which made over £6billion overall at the box office. She then hit success with Disney's popular live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, where Emma was initially paid £2million for her role as the book smart Belle, who finds a magical castle and a prince who has been cursed to look like a beast. Emma not only made £2million for starring, she also took a share of profits. Since the film was a box office smash, the star made around £17million in total for the princess role. Emma is currently filming a star-studded adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women novel, due for release later this year. The actress will star alongside Meryl Streep and James Norton, so will no doubt see her net worth rise again. Her part in the Disney film, and in the less successful Netflix film, The Circle, earned her sixth place on Forbes list of highest-paid actresses of 2017. Mila Kunis, Melissa McCartney, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston were runners up, while Emma Stone took the top spot having earned nearly £20million. 

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belle 1© Photo: Rex

Emma starred as Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Missed roles

Part of Stone's success was from her Oscar-winning performance in La La Land, a role which once belonged to Emma Watson. Speaking about passing up the role due to scheduling conflicts, Emma told The Telegraph: "It's one of these frustrating things where names get attached to projects very early on as a way to kind of build anticipation or excitement for something that's coming before anything is really actually agreed or set in stone… [Beauty and the Beast] wasn't a movie I could just sort of step into. I knew I had horse training, I knew I had dancing, I knew I had three months of singing ahead of me and I knew I had to be in London to really do that. This wasn't a movie I could just kind of parachute into. I knew I had to do the work, and I had to be where I had to be. So, you know, scheduling conflict-wise, it just didn't work out."

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emma watson 2© Photo: Rex

Emma shot to fame as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

How Emma controls her finances

Emma has previously opened up about gaining control of her finances when she turned 18, and how she went on a Coutts course to manage her millions. Speaking in an Elle interview back in 2009. She explained: "My dad never told me how much money I was earning. Then, when I hit 18, he was like, 'I want you to understand that your money isn't some kind of abstract concept. I want you to have a feel for what it's worth and what you can do with it'. The truth is I'd just like to pretend that it doesn't exist. It's amazing how many children are aware from such a young age about money being important or supposedly impressive. Around the age of 13 or 14, kids used to come up to me and say, 'You the girl on Harry Potter? How much do you make?"'

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emma watson 8© Photo: Getty Images

Emma is the UN Women Goodwill ambassador

Emma Watson's influence

Emma uses her wealth and influence to promote causes close to her heart, and donated £1million back in January 2018 to the UK Justice and Equality Fund which aimed to help those who have been affected by sexual harassment. She also regularly posts about her causes on social media, and wrote a piece about Mental Health Awareness Week, which read: "A time to reflect on how gender plays a huge role in determining our mental health. People of all genders can feel constrained by social norms and expectations based on their gender and sexuality, and these expectations impact on our life and sense of self. _ People of all genders should feel free to be sensitive, to be strong, to be powerful. Yet the societies we live in often send us prescribed messages about what our gender roles and emotions should look and feel like. This #mentalhealthawarenessweek, I hope we can celebrate the diversity of our emotional lives as unique individuals, as that's what makes us beautifully remarkable."

emma watson5© Photo: Getty Images

Emma regularly posts on social media

The star also isn't afraid to poke fun at herself, particularly her days as a child star, and shares throwbacks of herself from her Harry Potter days. She previously shared a photo of herself in a pink hat, and she jokily captioned the post: "I'm REALLY glad this picture of me wearing a baker's hat exists! #oldheadshotday."