Ginger Zee posts unexpected beach photo after being viciously trolled

The GMA star clapped back

Ginger Zee wasn't letting one person's cruel comments get her down and continued to delight her social media followers with a beach photo after being trolled on Twitter.

The much-loved GMA meteorologist became the victim of an online attack on Thursday when someone branded her a "weather girl who looks good in a skirt".

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Ginger had said: "I'm human. Just a friendly reminder," which prompted the troll to comment: "You're paid millions to read cue cards."

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The Good Morning America star refused to let them get away with it and snapped back: "Can you please get me paid millions and no, I don't read anything — I ad lib. I'm a scientist who talks about science — with no script."

Her angry follower - who called himself Peter Griffin - wasn't about to stop there and produced another cruel response. 

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"A scientist? Sorry baby," they wrote. "You're a weather girl who looks good in a skirt."


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Ginger refused to stop posting updates for her fans but was relieved it was Friday!

Ginger had one more thing to say before triumphantly signing off as she commented: "Peter — I only comment back to you a second time in case others need the education.

"Women can be scientists AND look good in a skirt. I happen to be one of those women. Don’t project your anger and frustration on others without knowing the facts."

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Ginger received an outpouring of support from her fans and she was not going to let the troll stop her from getting on with her job and keeping her true followers up-to-date either. 

Ginger said she could be a scientist AND look good in a skirt 

On Friday she posted a beach selfie in which she was lying fully clothed on the sand and captioned it: "LET. IT. GO." While she was referring to the storm called, Elsa, which she was reporting on, with the Frozen reference, it could also have been a thinly veiled response to being trolled. 

The mum-of-two is incredibly proud of her career and how she's forged a successful path despite battling crippling depression.

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She has been honest with her fans about her mental health battles, revealing at her lowest point, she attempted suicide.

Ginger is now in a good place and has the support of her husband, Ben Aaron, and her children, Aidan and Miles, but regularly talks about the low points in her life in a bid to help others. 

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