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Drake's son Adonis teaches him French in funny and adorable video

Adonis recently celebrated his fourth birthday

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Zachary Harper
Digital Director for Hello! CanadaToronto
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Drake's son Adonis is teaching him French! 

The superstar posted an adorable video of his four-year-old showing off his language skills over the weekend, and the clip was pretty funny, too! 

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From an early age, almost every kid wants to know if one day, they'll be taller than their parents. Adonis wondered this at the beginning of the video, asking his dad, "Are you gonna be much bigger than me?"

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"I don't think so," Drake responded. "You're pretty tall." He then asked his son if he thought one day, Adonis would be bigger than him, and the little guy said yes, to Drake's amusement. 

"I'm gonna be, like, old," Adonis said, completely serious, eliciting a chuckle from his pop. 

"When you're my age, how big are you gonna be?" the GRAMMY winner asked. 

Adonis wanted to do something else instead. 

"Hey, you want I teach you how to speak en français?" he asked. 

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Adonis is fluent in French because his mother, artist and former model Sophie Brussaux, is French. 

Drake was very enthusiastic, which prompted Adonis to say, "Une fois, quand je suis grand, tu vas mourir, tu vas retourner à l'univers."

Drake asked what his son had just said to him, and Adonis replied, "I said, 'When you're older, you're all broken and you're gonna turn back into space."

The Toronto-born rapper gave his son the most hilarious look, and then said, "Is that really what you said, or are you just making stuff up?"

Adonis looked at the camera, gave it an awkward look, and said yes, which made Drake call him a "funny guy."

So, basically, Drake's four-year-old gave him a lesson on mortality and the fragility of life! We can always count on kids to keep it real and surprise us!

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Drake's love for Adonis is really obvious when one looks at his social media. He recently shared a photo of him with his son, who was giving the camera a happy little fistpump to celebrate his fourth birthday. 

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In 2021, he posted an adorable photo of Adonis on his home basketball court in Toronto, pointing up at a large screen showing the screensaver from an AppleTV. 

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And in late 2020, he shared a sweet snap of him closing his eyes next to Adonis in bed while the two were doing something that looked like watching television. 

Keep teaching your dad French, Adonis – it's a great skill to have! 

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