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Halle Berry mourns X-Men's Adan Canto after tragic death at 42

Halle and Adan collaboration dates back to the 2014 blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past

Actress Halle Berry attends the Michael Kors Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show as part of the New York Fashion Week
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Halle Berry, at 57, recently paid tribute to her late co-star Adan Canto, who passed away at the age of 42

The actress expressed her profound sadness on social media, stating, "I don’t have the words just yet… but my dear sweet friend Adan just gained his wings. Forever, forever in my heart." 

Accompanying her heartfelt message was a close-up photo of Canto, a gesture that underscored the depth of their connection.

Halle and Adan collaboration dates back to the 2014 blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past, where Halle portrayed the iconic mutant Storm and Adan brought to life the character of Sunspot. 

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Their partnership extended beyond the X-Men universe to the 2020 MMA drama 'Bruised,' marking Berry’s directorial debut. In 'Bruised,' Adan delivered a memorable performance as Desi, the manager and boyfriend of Halle’s character.

Adan, who originally pursued a career in music in Mexico before transitioning to Hollywood, succumbed to appendiceal cancer. The news of his illness was kept private until his passing, as confirmed by Deadline.

Halle Berry in pinstripe suit© Alberto E. Rodriguez
Halle Berry mourned the death of Adan Cantoo

His representatives at UTA, Entertainment360, and Viewpoint reflected on his profound impact, stating, "Adan had a depth of spirit that few truly knew. Those who glimpsed it were changed forever. He will be greatly missed by so many."

Warner Bros. Television and FOX Entertainment expressed their condolences, noting Adan’s significant contributions since his U.S. debut in 'The Following' over a decade ago. 

Adan Canto attends X-MEN: Days of Future Past Red Carpet © Gustavo Caballero
Adan Canto attends X-MEN: Days of Future Past Red Carpet

They recognized his latest role in The Cleaning Lady, praising his artistry and range. The statement concluded, "This is an unfathomable loss, and we grieve alongside his wife Stephanie, their children, and loved ones. We will miss Adan dearly."

Adan's career was marked by versatile roles, including Paul in The Following, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla in Narcos, and Aaron Shore in Designated Survivor. 

His role as Arman Morales in Fox's The Cleaning Lady was another highlight, though he did not participate in the upcoming season 3, set to premiere on March 5.

Adan Canto died aged 42© Variety
Adan Canto died aged 42

Beyond acting, Adan showcased his talents behind the camera, directing and producing short films such as Before Tomorrow in 2014 and The Shot in 2020.

Adan's legacy is survived by his wife, Stephanie Ann Canto, and their two young children, Roman Alder, three, and Eve Josephine, one, who will carry forward the memory of a life lived with passion and artistic integrity.

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