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Goldie Hawn's daughter-in-law Meredith Hagner gives update following baby's premature arrival

Wyatt and Meredith have two children

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Oliver Hudson, Erinn Bartlett, Bodhi Hudson, Wilder Hudson, Rio Hudson, Meredith Hagner and Wyatt Russell arrive for the Premiere Of Netflix's "The Christmas Chronicles" held at Fox Bruin Theater on November 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
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Goldie Hawn's daughter-in-law Meredith Hagner gave fans an update after giving birth to her second son with Wyatt Russell.

Naturally, Meredith has been taking it easy as her newborn was born a week prior to his due date. The actress caught up with Morgan Lynn, a birth and postpartum doula who specializes in ayurvedic care, who cooked her a nourishing meal.

The meal involved a number of different dishes, including what looked like a bean, potato and meat soup, a side salad, some readily peeled and segmented orange, and a bowl with avocado in it. 

Meredith's ayurvedic postpartum meal© @merediththeweasel Instagram
Meredith's ayurvedic postpartum meal

Morgan had captioned the photo on her Instagram Story: "I love feeding my angel @merediththeweasel", which the actress reposted, claiming that Morgan was "transforming postpartum" and she was "so lucky".

Meredith seems to be making the most of Morgan's food preparation services in her postpartum recovery, as according to the doula's website, Cottage Inside, she offers: "Warming Ayurvedic meals, snacks, teas and tonics to balance the excess air and space elements of the postpartum system, prepared fresh in your home kitchen from ingredients sourced organically, seasonally and locally."

Meredith carrying baby Boone© @merediththeweasel Instagram
Meredith carrying baby Boone

Meredith and Wyatt named their newborn Boone Joseph Russell, announcing on February 13 that he had been born, weighing eight pounds and three ounces. The couple shared a photo of them kissing as their little one lay on his mom's chest. 

Since giving birth, Meredith hasn't let Boone out of her sight, as should when she shared a photo of herself carrying the baby in a papoose while she held a floral teacup.

Meredith Hagner lies curled up in a bath © @merediththeweasel Instagram
Meredith shared this picture of her pregnant

Meredith seemingly announced her pregnancy in November 2023, sharing a photo of herself nude in a bathtub, showing off her baby bump. The caption particularly discussed the transition women go through when they become mothers, a message she'd initially sent to a friend who had felt nervous about motherhood.

"When your baby [is] born, you are reborn. This time as a mother. The essence of who you are, all the magic that makes you so singularly YOU is there but she might be a stranger to you for a little while," Meredith wrote.

"I felt so lonely and tired in those early days", she continued. "And I wish someone had told me how normal that is, and how it’s no way indicative of the mother I would be."

Meredith finished the message, saying: "Looking back if I had only looked at this time as a surreal hole in the universe and in time where time is not what it has ever been, you are not who you’ve ever been, your partner is being reborn as well so your relationship is not as it’s ever been, and to tread lightly because it’s all merely a season, and as is in all life, we will end up coming out of a season looking back and viewing it as one of the most beautiful hard poetic shocking loving soul melting heavenly hellish moments in time."

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