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Tori Spelling settles into $15K-a-month home with her five kids after living in an RV

This new home, sprawling over 3,000 square feet is a testament to luxury living

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Faye James
Senior Editor
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Tori Spelling, the famed actress from Beverly Hills, 90210, has recently made a significant upgrade to her living situation, a stark contrast to the hardships she faced just six months ago due to a mold infestation in her Hidden Hills home. 

Despite rumors of financial struggles, Tori and her five children have now settled into a stunning five-bedroom, three-bathroom residence in the west San Fernando Valley, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This new home, sprawling over 3,000 square feet and commanding a rent of $15,000 per month, is a testament to luxury living. 

It boasts a freshly installed pool and spa area, a modern kitchen adorned with stainless steel appliances and striking blue cabinetry, and ample living space to comfortably accommodate Tori and her family of six. 

Tori and her five kids have settled into new home© Instagram
Tori and her five kids have settled into new home

To secure this contemporary haven, Tori put down a security deposit of $7,500, marking the property as the fourth home she has moved into since leaving their long-term rental in July.

The journey to this point has been anything but straightforward for Tori. Over the summer, following her separation from husband Dean McDermott, she and her children found themselves in a $100-a-night motel, a move that highlighted her alleged monetary woes.

Tori was previously living in an RV with her kids
Tori was previously living in an RV with her kids

This stay at a modest establishment was short-lived, as they soon moved to a friend's house before transitioning to living in an RV. 

This period was described by Entertainment Tonight as Tori trying to frame the experience as a "mini vacation" rather than a permanent living situation, despite the financial difficulties she was facing.

Tori and her five kids living the RV life© Instagram
Tori and her five kids living the RV life

Photographs of Tori lounging in her robe outside the motorhome and taking her children for walks along the beach painted a picture of a family trying to make the best of a challenging situation. 

However, reports suggested that Dean was "mortified" by the conditions his family was enduring. Eventually, Tori managed to find another rental home that suited her family's needs, settling in a "fully furnished rental home" in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles.

Tori's history of frequent moves and her obsession with finding the perfect home for her family were candidly discussed in her 2013 memoir, "Spelling It Like It Is." 

She admitted that her tendency to relocate had put her family in a precarious financial position, an issue that has persisted over the years. 

Her mother, Candy Spelling, revealed to TMZ in 2016 that she had been supporting the McDermott family by covering their "necessities" such as rent, food, school, and insurance, though not their debts to banks and credit card companies.

Tori with her parents Aaron and Candy Spelling© Ron Galella
Candy Spelling, Aaron Spelling and Tori Spelling

In her memoir, Tori also shared insights into her storytelling prowess, a skill she attributed to her father, the legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling. 

She revealed her knack for creating compelling narratives for the public, such as a staged vow renewal storyline for their Oxygen reality show, showcasing her ability to "tug at the heartstrings."

Despite the financial challenges and public scrutiny, Tori has navigated her life with resilience and creativity. She and her younger brother, Randy Spelling, inherited approximately $800,000 from their father, Aaron Spelling, whose estate was valued at $600 million at the time of his passing in 2006. 

Tori's upbringing in the lavish Spelling "Manor" in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood, a 123-room mansion complete with a bowling alley and a gift-wrapping room, is a far cry from her recent living situations. The iconic mansion later sold for $120 million in 2019, marking the end of an era for the Spelling family legacy.

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