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Robert Pattinson's co-star in Good Times Buddy Duress dies aged 38 - cause revealed

His brother Christopher Stathis confirmed the tragic news

Robert Pattinson's co-star in Good Times Buddy Duress dies aged 38 - cause revealed
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Buddy Duress, known for his raw and captivating performances in Good Times and Heaven Knows What, has tragically passed away at the age of 38. 

His untimely death was the result of a cardiac arrest triggered by a drug cocktail, his brother Christopher Stathis revealed to People. 

His journey from the challenging confines of Rikers Island to the silver screen reflects a narrative of talent battling against the backdrop of personal struggles.

Born Michael C. Stathis in Queens, New York, in May 1985, Buddy's life was a testament to the harsh realities of urban existence, marked by a series of incarcerations and legal battles. 

Buddy Duress arrives to the "Heaven Knows What" New York Premiere © Anna Webber
Buddy Duress arrives to the "Heaven Knows What" New York Premiere

Despite facing charges ranging from identity theft to heroin possession, Buddy's foray into acting unveiled a remarkable talent, one that would soon capture the attention of both audiences and filmmakers.

His acting debut came with a role in Josh and Benny Safdie's Heaven Knows What (2014), a film he joined shortly after his release from Rikers Island. 

Actor Buddy Duress died aged 38© Ray Tamarra
Actor Buddy Duress died aged 38

This role would mark the beginning of a promising yet turbulent career in the industry. He reunited with the Safdie brothers for Good Time (2017), delivering a memorable performance as a drug dealer alongside Robert Pattinson. 

Buddy's presence on screen was magnetic, embodying a blend of authenticity and intensity that resonated with viewers and critics alike.

Despite his burgeoning career, Buddy's legal troubles continued to shadow his potential. A 2019 report by The Post highlighted how his incarceration in Rikers prevented him from auditioning for a project by comedian Pete Davidson and director Judd Apatow.

 His run-ins with the law didn't just halt professional opportunities; they also led to repeated stints in prison, including an arrest for grand larceny and a threatening incident involving his mother Jo-Anne's house.

Actor Buddy Duress attends the "Good Time" screening© Antony Jones
Actor Buddy Duress attends the "Good Time" screening

Yet, in the world of filmmaking, Buddy's talent shone brightly. Directors who worked with him, such as Cameron Van Hoy and Jay Karales, praised his electrifying screen presence and his ability to channel his life's hardships into his performances. 

"Buddy was pure electricity on screen," Van Hoy told People, emphasizing the actor's unique ability to set aside personal troubles when it came to his craft.

Jay Karales, who directed Buddy in Mass State Lottery, mourned the loss of a "once in a lifetime charismatic actor and a genuinely humble man." 

Jay's tribute on Instagram underscored Buddy's impact, describing him as the embodiment of what the future of acting needed. His authenticity and charisma were unparalleled, making his loss not only tragic but a significant void in the landscape of acting.

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