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Eat your way to abs like Ellie Goulding's with these 5 foods

Eat your way to abs like Ellie Goulding's with these 5 foods

With the likes of Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and Gigi Hadid all showing off their toned tums, it's hard not to get ab-envy.

But, as good as your intentions may be, no number of crunches and leg raises will help you tone up if you're bloated from eating high-carb, fatty foods. Making simple changes like drinking more peppermint tea and having salmon and eggs for breakfast can help you see results faster, whilst keeping you happy, healthy and fuller for longer.


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Ellie Goulding maintains her abs with a healthy lifestyle

Health and fitness blogger Hazel Wallace, an ambassador for online retailer, recommends ditching the fat for healthier alternatives such as coconut oil, and replacing stodgy carbs like pasta and rice for courgette and quinoa.

She tells HELLO! Online: "It's a common misconception that getting killer abs comes from just planks and crunches alone but you won't get the stomach of a Victoria Secret model if you live on a diet of cupcakes and fizzy drinks. In order to unveil the abs you've been working hard on, it's essential to eat the right type of foods to help shed any stubborn belly fat that's covering them up."

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Health and fitness blogger Hazel Wallace has shared her top tips to get abs

Below are Hazel's top 5 foods that will have you beating the bloat and showing off your abs in no time.

EggsEvidence-based research has shown that consuming eggs every day can help maintain and improve blood cholesterol levels. Furthermore, studies show that those who eat eggs for breakfast were also less likely to overeat throughout the day.

AlmondsAlmonds are packed full of protein and monosaturated fats that help you feel full. This wonder nut also contains the mineral magnesium that helps regulate blood sugar levels, stopping you craving sweet treats in between meals.

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Feeling hungry? Almonds are a healthy snack that keep you feeling fuller for longer

BananasPotassium rich foods can help reduce water retention, which de-bloats your tummy. Bananas are not only an excellent source of potassium, but also great alternatives to refined sugar in baking. Check out my guilt-free banana bread as a healthy snack to stop you reaching for the biscuit tin.

CourgettiTry cutting down on carbs and swap your pasta for homemade courgetti using a spirilazer or julienne peeler. Not only does it stop you from eating unhealthy pasta but it's filled with fibre, potassium, folic acid and vitamins A and C.


Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the key to getting abs

TurkeyTurkey is a fantastic lean protein that helps build and maintain muscle. The tasty meat contains less fat than other meats yet is satisfying enough to make you feel full for hours after you've eaten.

Guilt-free banana bread recipe

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