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Holly Willoughby's 'goodness'-filled diet: Dancing on Ice host's breakfast, lunch and dinner

The former This Morning star is a keen cook!  

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Kate Thomas
Kate ThomasLifestyle Managing Editor
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After a long hiatus, Holly Willoughby is set to grace our screens once again on the upcoming series of Dancing on Ice.

And with the show kicking off on Sunday, we can't wait to witness Holly's resplendent wardrobe brimming with sequins and sparkles. The star is known for her enviable physique, and given her schedule, we are dying to know what Holly eats to stay in such great shape. Keep scrolling to discover her weekday winners in addition to some of her guilty pleasures…

Holly Willoughby in plunging bodycon off the shoulder dress for Dancing on Ice 2022 photocall © Shutterstock
Holly always looks flawless

So… what does Holly typically eat? While the 42-year-old star is a fan of eating healthily, she doesn't shy away from carbs or the odd treat food.

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A keen chef, Holly is usually found rustling up delicious homecooked meals for her husband Dan Baldwin and their children, Harry, 14, Belle, 12, and Chester, eight. She's also partial to a bowl of pasta and baked potatoes. Sign us up for Holly's diet any day!

WATCH: Holly reveals her son's favourite food

Down-to-earth as ever, Holly was refreshingly honest when asked what she serves up for her three children. She previously told Asda Living magazine: "I want to fill them with goodness and make sure they don’t snack between meals. I like them to try new things, like crab and cockles.

The TV star's ultimate comfort food is a jacket potato - the cheesier, the better© Shutterstock
The TV star's ultimate comfort food is a jacket potato - the cheesier, the better

"But I love a processed cheese slice myself, so I can't be that militant about nutrition." A girl after our own heart.

We’ve rounded up her ultimate meals below and paired them with expert quotes from nutritionist, Mark Gilbert from The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

What does Holly Willoughby eat for breakfast?

The former Celebrity Juice star said in the interview that she kicks off her day with a balanced and nutritious breakfast to give her long-lasting energy. Her go-to meal is yogurt, granola and berries. In light of her busy schedule, we imagine the TV host washes it down with a very strong coffee!

"Raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries generally give lower, more gradual sugar spikes than other fruits making them better alternatives to most other fruits," Mark tells us.

two hot drinks on wooden table © Instagram
Holly enjoys drinking coffee

"Berries are also high in antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation and damaging oxidative stress in the body.

"Yogurt is a great choice, as it has high-quality protein and can be beneficial for the gut (which research shows controls almost as much of our body as the brain). A top tip is to check the protein and the sugar levels on the label and go for high protein and minimise sugar – yogurts vary quite a bit in these crucial nutrients. A high-quality Greek yogurt will usually be best. If you can get a minimum of 20 grams of protein in the morning, it will have the effect of reducing your cravings and calorie intake for the rest of the day. Also, don’t necessarily get the low-fat version of yogurt, as eating dairy fat is associated with being leaner and healthier!"

What does Holly Willoughby eat for lunch?

The blonde is famed for her Sunday roasts with all the trimmings. The star has been known to share snaps of her homecooked meals on her Instagram account – and we're lusting after an invite.

Keen to replicate Holly's wonderful roasts? Mark offers us a top tip. "When indulging in a roast dinner, I recommend eating the protein first – starting with the meat and eating the starchy carbs later in the meal," he shared.

"You can mix it up but try to 'front load' these foods, as they will trigger the fullness switch much more effectively and will stabilise blood sugar levels better."

What does Holly Willoughby snack on?

Holly is a fan of a healthy snack and favours carrots dipped in hummus, as well as fresh mango. But she also loves a chocolate bar as much as the rest of us! Whilst it can be tempting to reach for white and milk chocolate, Mark strongly recommends opting for dark chocolate instead.

woman holding box of chocolates and glass of wine © Instagram
The presenter is partial to a bit of chocolate

"Opting for dark chocolate can be a great option as it contains flavonoids, which are natural compounds that have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve blood flow," he explains.

"Eating a small amount of dark chocolate can help to boost mood and reduce stress levels."

What are Holly Willoughby's guilty pleasures?

When she was presenting This Morning, Holly never hesitated to try a tasty, sweet treat. Over the years, Holly has tried an array of delicious sugary snacks including cake and millionaire shortbread. 

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A self-confessed chocoholic, Holly even sought the help of British hypnotist Paul McKenna to cure her chocolate cravings during one episode of the show. He attempted to do so by making her associate the taste of chocolate with something she hates – tinned tuna. We can't see that working, somehow.

What does Holly Willoughby eat for dinner?

When she's not cooking up a storm at home, Holly occasionally ventures out for a bite to eat at upmarket restaurant, Nobu. Her favourite dish is the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño.

As for her go-to mid-week meal, the mother of three loves to whip up a simple and indulgent pasta dish – like a carbonara, mac 'n cheese or a Bolognese.

Holly Willoughby laughing and holding plate of pasta © Wylde Moon
Holly loves creating yummy pasta dishes

Expert Mark tells us: "Ideally do some exercise before a carb heavy meal. Intense exercise burns the sugar (glycogen) stored in your muscles and frees up room to store all those extra carbs back in the muscles, where they don’t do any harm. Even moderate exercise, like walking, before or after a meal has numerous benefits."

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Holly is vocal about her love for a glass of wine so we imagine she's been treating herself with dinner – especially since she previously dished that she's had the worst hangover ever in lockdown. 

The star also previously revealed her beverage of choice is a low-calorie vodka with soda water and lime, a perfect health-conscious treat. Sign us up for Holly's regime!

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