Gordon Ramsay reveals how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs

The celebrity chef revealed his tips in an episode of MasterChef

If you've never quite mastered the art of cooking scrambled eggs, help may be at hand from Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef has demonstrated to MasterChef contestants the best technique for getting the perfect consistency, ensuring your eggs are light, fluffy and never overcooked.

STORY: Gordon Ramsay's need-to-know tips for dining out

The 50-year-old gave a step-by-step guide for how he cooks his eggs, revealing that the secret to avoiding overcooking is to take them on and off the heat every 30 seconds, stirring with a spatula the entire time. Want to master Gordon Ramsay's perfect scrambled eggs? We've shared his top tips below…

Gordon Ramsay demonstrated how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs

  1. Start off with cold eggs and crack them straight in to the pan. Add three small knobs of butter and then put onto the hob.
  2. Turn the heat up high and then start cooking the eggs very gently. Gordon says that every time he stirs he's cleaning the bottom of the pan to ensure the eggs don't stick.
  3. Gordon advises not to season the eggs straightaway, saying "if we were to season the eggs now, they would go grey".
  4. After 30 seconds of cooking, take the pan off the heat for 30 seconds. This will slow down the cooking process and stop the eggs from overcooking. Repeat this step for the next three minutes.
  5. Keep stirring and working the eggs the entire time, and when they start to appear cooked you can lightly season with salt and pepper.
  6. If you want to take your eggs to a "completely different level" add a teaspoon of crème fraiche to give a creamy texture and stop them from overcooking.
  7. Serve with toast and grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. Garnish with chopped chives to finish.

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