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The best vegetarian restaurants in the UK

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Whether you're bored of beef, ditching chicken or abandoning bacon for good, the meat-free movement is bigger, better and more delicious than ever. From seitan schnitzels and jackfruit burgers to mushroom roasts, being a herbivore is no herbi-bore, at least not with this list of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the UK. Courtesy of our friends at DesignMyNight, check out all the great reasons to leave meat in the sin bin.

Haunt – London

Haunt in Stoke Newington have plenty to be proud about. From their cool and casual interiors to their happy-go-lucky crowd, not only are they pulling in punters left, right and centre, they're doing it via the art of veganism. Serving up a vegan-only menu that includes the likes of beer battered guacamole, seitan patty burgers and raw courgetti pasta, Haunt know how to make good things happen to hungry people.

Saramago – Glasgow

We all know that Glasgow has great game-game, but how does their vegan and vegetarian offering stand up against the rest of the UK? In all honesty? It's impressive, and that's in part thanks to some of the dishes at Saramago. From pizzas topped with potato and chestnut mushrooms, to linguine with broccoli and hazelnut pesto, this restaurant in the heart of the Centre for Contemporary Arts has more than a few meat-free tricks up its sleeve.

The Full Nelson – London

If we could write a love letter to any vegan burger restaurant in London, it would be The Full Nelson, and it would make them incredibly uncomfortable. Churning out burgers, seitan 'chickin' topped waffles at brunch and vegan macaroni cheese, The Full Nelson don't just score brownie points in the junk food department, this is a spot in the heart of Deptford where even meat-eaters would have trouble picking foodie fault.

Black Cat Hackney – London

You want a vegetarian restaurant with community spirit and local charm? Check. A vegetarian restaurant that caters wholly to vegans? Check. A vegetarian restaurant with fishless fish and chips? Check. And a vegetarian restaurant with a vegan full English breakfast (sausages and all)? Looks like that's another 'check' for Black Cat Hackney, one of the most notorious places to enjoy meat-free meals in the heart of East London.

Mildred's – London

If you utter the word 'vegetarian' in a loaded, London crowd, you're sure to be tossed in front of a Mildred's, making you one lucky mucker. Found in the likes of Dalston, Soho and Camden and brought to you by Diane Thomas and Jane Muir, not only are Mildred's one of the most notorious meat-free names in the city, their international menu boasts deep-fried buttermilk and polenta with sweet potato… need we say more?

Anna Loka – Cardiff

With spirituality on its side courtesy of owner Adam, a Hare Krishna monk and dedicated vegan, not only is Anna Loka one of the first 100 per cent vegan restaurants in Cardiff, the restaurant holds a delicious selection of events from tasting menus to seven-day raw challenges. Just there for a quick meat-free meal? You'll enjoy comfort food that ranges from mushroom bean burgers to nut roasts.

Food For Friends – Brighton

Brighton's care-free and casual spirit is pretty addictive, and their vegetarian restaurants are no different. An award-winning, meat-free name whose artsy plates would put Warhol and Pollock to shame, Food For Friends don't just utilise vegetables in each and every manner, they help support local producers while they're doing it. Found in the South Lanes since 1981, if there's any restaurant worth skipping down to the seaside for, this is it.

For more info on the best restaurants in London and across the UK, visit DesignMyNight.