KFC's infamous Double Down sandwich is coming to the UK

The fast food chain is bringing one of its most popular items to the UK for a limited time

KFC is bringing one of its most successful sandwiches to the UK - and it's already causing a stir among fried chicken fans. The Double Down replaces the bread from a sandwich with two chicken fillets, filled with crispy bacon, melted Monterey Jack cheese and BBQ sauce, and it has already proved so popular in the US, Australia and New Zealand that it is coming to the UK for a limited time only.

"There's been so much excitement for the Double Down since it first launched in the US in 2010," Jack Hinchcliffe, Innovation Director at KFC UK and Ireland, said. "It's sold out in every country that it's been released in, so we're anticipating it'll be a sell-out success in the UK."

KFC's Double Down sandwich will launch in the UK for six weeks

The fried chicken sandwich will launch at the fast-food chain on Monday for six weeks, and news about its arrival has already provoked a big response on social media. "KFC are bringing the double down burger to the UK and I couldn't be more excited," one tweeted. "I need this KFC #doubledown sandwich thing in my life RIGHT NOW," another added.

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However others haven't been so impressed. "It's just a double bacon, cheese, chicken burger without a nice brioche bun, I don't get it," one person tweeted. And another felt the new addition to the menu needed a bun. "How about a double down with the bun? I quite like the bun," they wrote.

The sandwich features two fried chicken fillets instead of a bun

Regardless of whether or not it contains a bun, the Double Down isn't exactly a healthy meal choice. The fried chicken sandwich contains 512 calories and 4.56 grams of salt - nearly all of a person's recommended daily intake. However with less carbohydrates thanks to the lack of bun and 22 grams of fat, it may be a better choice compared to similar burgers from other fast food chains. Will you be tempted to give it a try?

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