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This new drink is simply PERFECT for the Queen...

Throw away the old rule (before 5pm = tea, after 5pm = gin) with this genius tipple...

masons yorkshire tea gin
Anna Johnstone
Anna JohnstoneHead of Social
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For the average British person, there are two drinks that are simply perfect for any time of the day or night - either a good cup of tea, or a gin and tonic. No exceptions. But now, there’s a tipple that caters to both needs: Masons Yorkshire Gin which infuses our favourite flavours of tea into something you can enjoy after 5pm. Which we think ticks both of the Queen’s favourite boxes, as after all, she’s a huge fan of both drinks…

masons yorkshire tea gin

Why we love this: if it's not time for gin, it's ALWAYS time for tea

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The gin is distilled in Yorkshire, a county already famous for their tea, and produced in small batches using a traditional distilling method. So if you already can’t get enough of Yorkshire tea, here’s a way carry to on drinking even after the afternoon tea window has closed. Or, it could be a way to get away with drinking gin *before* 5pm, as you could kind-of pass it off as tea, although we can’t promise that will work when you suggest a round in the office. And it’s definitely sometime we can imagine working well in Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas stocking as we know she's a fan of both, so perhaps Duchess Meghan will be buying a bottle for the Buckingham Palace Secret Santa, which we really hope exists.

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So why not throw a ‘tea party’, complete with cucumber sandwiches, scones, and cakes? But instead of boring old builders’ tea, make the afternoon a little more fun with a tea-flavoured gin and tonic - and the party may last a little longer than a traditional afternoon tea...

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