Vegans, rejoice! Asda’s new cheese board means you don’t have to miss out

Sweet dreams are made of cheese…

Now that the heatwave is coming to an end, we’re getting more and more excited at the prospect of the festive season, and more importantly, the festive food. But if you’ve recently turned vegan (or are lactose intolerant), it can be tricky to find the same indulgences as everyone else, and some indulgents foods may seem out of the question. However, if saying goodbye to cheese was the hardest thing on your dairy-free journey, then you will *love* Asda’s latest cheeseboard - as it’s 100% vegan.

The board contains three different cheeses

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The entire cheeseboard contains three mouthwatering-looking cheeses so will definitely be a people-pleaser if you bring it out at a party. Their Traditional Cheddar Alternative is “full-bodied, smooth, and just as good as the real thing”, so sounds great to serve with chutneys, and there’s also a Garlic & Chive Mature Cheddar Alternative. Maybe don’t choose that one if you’re planning on getting too close to people at dinner parties, though.

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There’s also a Wensleydale & Cranberry Alternative, which not only makes the board extra instagrammable, it’s also the ideal cheese for the festive period with its sweet and tangy kick. Perhaps it’s worth testing it on someone who eats dairy and see if they can taste the difference…

The board will be available from 22nd November and costs just £5 so might even be worth popping in your trolley even if you think you can’t be converted. Because really, can you *ever* have too much cheese at Christmas?