The one food Holly Willoughby avoids at all costs - and it's a classic!

The debate is an age-old one… what do you think?

Leanne Bayley

Holly Willoughby's favourite foods and the place they take in her diet have long been a topic discussed by her fans. As the 38-year-old presenter gears up to return to Dancing on Ice in January, we were left wondering - are there any foods Holly really doesn't like and what's the one food she will avoid at all costs? Read on to find out...


Back in June, Holly and her co-star Phillip Schofield were joined by world-renowned chef Angela Hartnett on This Morning, as they watched her cook a gorgeous summer pasta dish. The chef admitted that she cheats the rules when it comes to pasta, but there's one dish she'll always stick to tradition with - and that's pizza. She said: "You know what, I'm authentic about pizza. I don't believe in pineapple on pizza, I think it's wrong…" And Holly agreed, replying: "I think it's wrong … I think any fruit on pizza is weird. Any fruit in any sort of cooking I don't like, apart from like, an apple tart."

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When Angela asked if she'd ever eaten ham and pineapple together, Holly replied venomously: "NO! I don't get that."

Phillip belonged in the other camp, saying he was a fan of pineapple on pizza. "I'd do it," he said. "I'm not sure I'd order it, but it's a Hawaiian pizza."

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Angela warned that she could fall out with him over the debate, and admitted she once fell out with a boy on a date because he wanted pineapple on his pizza. "I knew there and then that this relationship wouldn't go anywhere," she revealed. Phil commented directly to the camera: "That's harsh!"  


Holly enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle

Holly is a self-confessed foodie, and in the segment told Angela that she just can't master the Yorkshire pudding, but having said that, it would appear that she does have some skills in the kitchen, once telling Asda Good Living magazine that her go-to weekday dinner would be:  "Carbonara. Just mix pasta, egg yolk, Parmesan, pepper and ham – done!"