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Going vegan? Top five influencers to follow and their easy tips to start a plant-based diet

From BOSH! to Little London Vegan

bosh and niki
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Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, but if you are an avid meat-eater it may be difficult to transition to this lifestyle. We spoke to five top influencers who shared their tips on how to embrace a plant-based diet, for whenever you choose to start a vegan journey.

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Henry Firth and Ian Theasby – BOSH!

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are known as "the vegan Jamie Olivers" and are behind their globally known vegan and plant-based channel, BOSH! 

The pair both became vegan after watching a documentary about how our diets can impact the environment. "We love being vegan because it's helping the planet and encouraging everybody to think how we can live more sustainably. Plus, it's delicious," they told HELLO!

Did you know that these celebrities are vegan?

With over 2.5 billion views online, BOSH! share their own recipes from their multiple cookbooks and have also had their own show on ITV called Living on the Veg. BOSH! are a must to follow if you are attempting veganism.

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One of their top tips is to "do your research and have fun with it"

"It's way easier when you have a list of recipes that you're buzzing to get in the kitchen and try out. That way you won't fall back on the dinners you've always cooked," they said, adding: "Don't be hard on yourself. As two Northern lads we'd be the first to tell you we loved meat and dairy and it wasn't until our 30s we became vegan. What we find helps is recreating lots of those same big flavours but just with plants."

Clare Every – Little London Vegan


Clare Every© Clare Every

Clare loves to share colourful vegan platters on her Instagram

Clare Every is the face of Little London Vegan, one of London's most trusted vegan influencers. With a vibrant Instagram account, Clare shares everything a newbie vegan could wish for, from restaurant reviews to guides for the best vegan hotspots in London.

Her best tip for those who are going vegan is to take it slowly. She told HELLO!: "If the thought of going vegan overnight scares you, cut one thing out every week until you're comfortable. It makes it feel a little less overwhelming and also makes it easy to transition to new ingredients and gives you more time to ease into learning new recipes."

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Amesha and Bishalee – Beets and Bobs


Beets and bobs© Beets and Bobs

"Jackfruit and mushrooms are a must when cooking vegan meat style dishes at home" 

Amesha and Bishalee are the vegan sister duo behind Beets and Bobs who share recipes from their cultural background, and they test out new vegan finds. Extremely active on social media, the duo are constantly giving out advice to the vegan community.

They both understand that going vegan isn't as easy as it sounds but it also isn't a frightening thing to do. "Transitioning from being a meat-eater to veganism isn't as difficult today when there are plenty of options at the supermarkets and even popular food chains like McDonald's, KFC and Nando's," the sisters told HELLO!

They advise that you search your plant-based and vegan sections at your supermarkets, try out vegan menus at restaurant and follow some vegan food accounts on Instagram and YouTube. "The more you explore places and foods the easier it becomes," they added.

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Niki Webster – Rebel Recipes


Niki Webster© Niki Webster

Niki has been sharing vegan recipes online since 2015

Niki Webster is a plant-based chef and author who is a lover of vegetables. She shares vibrant, simple vegan recipes with her followers with vegetables at the centre of them. Niki uses her online platform, Rebel Recipes, which she started in 2015 to aid those in the vegan community to be innovative with their food.

She told HELLO!: "Start with meat alternatives to ease the transition if you miss the texture of meat or fish or want a main focal point for a meal, and gradually reduce."

Niki also wants to remind those who are attempting veganism to remember their motivations for doing so. "Don't get disheartened if you slip up - just resume your good habits the next day. Remember to celebrate your successes and enjoy the benefits to your health," she said.

Niki encourages a plant-based diet as she is aware that not only is it good for your health, but it also helps animals and the environment. She added: "A plant-based diet is an exciting and delicious way to eat, even now I'm still discovering new ingredients and flavour combinations that I've never tried - there's literally no limit to the wonderful range of dishes you can enjoy without ever feeling like you are missing it."

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James Wythe - Healthy Living James


James Wythe© James Wythe

James started his blog in 2016 to share his passion for food with the world

James Wythe is a qualified Health Coach who creates quick and healthy recipes on his website and Instagram page, Healthy Living James. He shares recipes that are perfect for flexitarians first pursuing the vegan diet.

He told HELLO!: "I think that one of the best ways to approach a more plant-based diet is by taking it slow. Try one or two days a week where you swap out meals containing meat or fish for plant-based alternatives and then gradually reduce until you are mostly plant-based each day."

James added: "Plant-based food can be some of the easiest, cheapest and tastiest food to cook from home, so give it a try!"

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