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Meghan Markle's creamy Christmas cocktail might be the healthiest royal tipple yet

Prince Harry's wife's favourite festive drink is delicious and healthy

Meghan Markle's creamy Christmas cocktail might be the healthiest royal tipple yet
Katie Daly
Katie DalyLifestyle Writer
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We can imagine nothing more festive than a Christmas dinner party where an array of delicious cocktails are served. Add the elegance of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and you have an amazing creamy cocktail that is both healthy and delicious.

It has been reported that Meghan Markle, 42, is fond of a festive tipple – an almond milk spiced cocktail to be exact. Although you might think of a boozier option this time of year, a gingerbread gin cocktail or a snowball perhaps, the royal's go-to drink is tastier than it sounds and why not go for a vegan option to balance out that cheese board and pigs in blankets we will inevitably devour on the big day.

Meghan holding a glass of wine© Getty
Meghan is partial to a tipple

Prince Harry's wife has previously told Grazia that the recipe she pulls out every time her pals come over includes unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, powdered ginger, cloves, dates, and the added festive touch – bourbon.

The almond milk gives the drink a silky, super drinkable consistency but also offers a wealth of health benefits. The ingredient is an excellent alternative to regular cow's milk as it helps to lower cholesterol and introduce more antioxidants into the body through vitamin E. 

glass of eggnog© Getty
Meghan enjoys a creamy cocktail at Christmas

There are benefits in the recipe's supporting ingredients. Cinnamon has antioxidant and anti-viral properties, can reduce inflammation, helps decrease blood pressure, and promotes healthy blood sugar levels.  Meanwhile, cardamom aids digestion and acts as a stimulant to improve circulation, and ginger and dates are famous for aiding gut health.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in black coat walking with Prince Harry© Getty
Meghan and Harry attended Christmas Day church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene in 2018

An expert from fitness brand Bulk told HELLO!: "As this year draws to a close, it is important to make sure you enjoy your Christmas Day by keeping it as stress and guilt-free as possible. Thoughts of overindulging can be daunting, especially for those who are on positive fitness journeys and are concerned about hindering progress, however, you can put your mind at ease knowing there are always healthy options – even at Christmas."

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Duchess Meghan isn't the only royal concerned with a healthy Christmas plate. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked for Princess Diana and her sons, the men and women traditionally eat their breakfasts separately on Christmas Day. Whilst Princess Kate can be expected to tuck into a lighter breakfast of toast, yoghurt, or fruit, her husband Prince William is likely to enjoy a heavier meal of eggs, grilled kidneys, kippers, and bacon.

Nutritionists have said that Kate's lighter breakfast improves energy levels and concentration, and will prevent the mother-of-three from feeling sluggish.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince William, Prince Louis and Kate at church© Getty
The Wales' attended the Christmas Day service at Sandringham Church in 2022

Darren previously told HELLO! that the royal family sits down for a traditional turkey dinner, an immune-boosting option, accompanied by "different stuffings – sage and onion, chestnut – and the traditional sides like roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, parsnips, and Brussels sprouts." Roast potatoes are known to keep you full longer and are a way for the Princess to up her intake of fibre and antioxidants, the same goes for parsnips.

kate holding up a glass of wine© Getty
The royals enjoy a tipple in moderation

If King Charles has anything to do with it all the vegetables will be organic as since his management of Sandringham started back in 2017 he has opted to turn the estate into a fully organic affair.

King Charles drinking wine© Getty
King Charles enjoys a glass

One thing we can be sure of is that the royal family will not be getting drunk on Christmas Day. HELLO! previously spoke to former royal butler Grant Harrold, who told us "hand on heart" that the royals never get drunk at family gatherings, even at Christmas. "I can hand on heart say I have never ever seen a member of the royal family drunk. If we're talking about staff members, that's a different ball game!" he said.

kate drinking a guinness© Getty
The royals won't get drunk at Christmas

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But that doesn't mean the royals don't enjoy a tipple in moderation with their preference being Royal Warrant holder brands, such as Laurent-Perrier champagne, which is sold in the shop at Highgrove House.

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