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HELLO! Online exclusive interview: Mark Wright

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Former TOWIE star Mark Wright, who is dating Michelle Keegan, may have left the reality TV show but fans can still swoon over the tanned hearthrob in his modelling campaign for Littlewoods. Mark chats to HELLO! Online about his career change into fashion, David Beckham as his style icon and the fashion faux-pas of his earlier days he'd rather not relive.

Who's your style icon? "Beckham, for sure. I love everything he wears. He keeps it classic and simple which is what I like and then when he doesn't, he adds a little twist like he might put a flat peak or a granddad cap on and it will match the colour. Everything he does is just perfect." What do you make of Victoria's style? "I haven't really taken notice of it but I've never seen her look bad. Except for back in the day when they started trying to match leathers or when Beckham wore the sarong." What's your regime like? "I'm really quick. Usually I know what I'm wearing first, then I just jump in the shower and blow dry my hair. I put some gel on and put my clothes on and I'm out. It's easy for a guy isn’t it?" So, tell us about this range then. "I wanted to get into fashion so we put our feelers out there. My agent and Littlewoods came back and were very interested. As soon as I heard that I was so excited because Littlewoods is a massive brand. We started speaking to the designers, and they were on the same page as me. Everything just fitted so we signed a contract and I started designing my range and kept it simple and classic. Just basically as close to what I wear anyway. So my jeans are like my jeans, and my suits are like my suits with a little bit of a twist from the designers who help. But I'm really excited. This is Littlewoods as well, so some of the casual stuff looks nice." Who is it aimed at? "I haven’t tried to go too fashionable or tried to be too different. I think it's so classic that it can range from people at the age of 14 all the way to 40, maybe older. There is nice knit wear, nice suits." And which celebrity would you like to see wearing your clothes? "I love the way Jaime Redknapp dresses. I would say this is how I kind of kept it — classic, never tries too hard. Sometimes David Beckham might try a little bit too hard whereas Redknapp always keeps it simple which I love."

Does your girlfriend give you any tips on what to wear? "No, I think she trusts what I wear. And I hope, unless she lies to me, that I look alright." Would you let her give you tips? "If she didn't like something of course I would, but I don't feel like she would feel the need to." Do you give her tips or comment on what she wears? "I always say she looks nice when she looks nice. I trust that she always looks nice. She does so as soon as she gets dressed and she comes out again and I say that she looks lovely." What about fashion mishaps? Have you had any disasters that you regret? "I used to wear a pair of jeans that were really baggy that I don't like when I look back because I'm a really tight jeans man now. And I used to wear these big beads around my neck and I was like 'what was I wearing?'" So what else is coming up for you work wise? "I am just about to fly around the world with a new show for ITV 2. I go within a month, that comes on hopefully in the autumn, if not the new year but I think autumn." What's the show? "I'm going to be in different places around the world and putting on parties for people. So they might need a party such as someone's welcoming home party." Have you got anything else lined up? "I'm in talks with ITV 2 about another show as well. I'm always in talks with them, they are great to me. I love being close to them, it's amazing and I'm obviously doing my heart radio show at the moment. I have got a lot going on. It's all good."

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