Jennifer Lopez recreates love scenes with David Gandy in new music video

Jennifer Lopez has recruited top male model David Gandy to act out love scenes in her new music video.

A sneak peek of the new video reveals the superstar songstress and the D&G model in a passionate embrace.

"He's a great guy and we had such a great time making the video," Jennifer said in a radio interview recently.


David will star in Jennifer's new music video

"He may have been shirtless occasionally, but for the most part he had clothes on."

David has shot hundreds of campaigns for some of the world's most high-profile designers, but this marks his first music video.

Speaking to Vogue, David explained his reasons for accepting the new challenge.


Jennifer said the pair "had a great time" making the video

"I've been asked if I'd take part in music videos before and I've always said no, but I jumped at the chance of working with a music icon such as Jennifer," he said.

"I got the call and thought it would be great fun and an experience which is a little bit different to the things that I’ve done before.

"We shot in the desert outside LA expecting it to be really hot but the weather turned. The winds were incredibly strong and created almost sand storm like conditions, so it turned out to be freezing making the filming conditions a bit challenging!

"The crew were in protective goggles, hats and scarves and we were facing the elements, sometimes in minimal clothing."

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