Ruth Langsford's £12 Primark Christmas jumper is not to be missed!

Another high street gem for the This Morning presenter

Ruth Langsford got into the festive spirit on Friday's This Morning, stunning viewers in the glammest Christmas jumper ever - and it turns out to be a £12 Primark bargain. Yes, realy!  Looking at the fuschia pink design that had the words: "All The Jingle Ladies" (a nod to Beyonce's hIt in case you didn't know!) on the front, you would think it was a pricy buy, so it's great news to us that it is actually such a purse-friendly number. The eye-catching design is currently in stores now - so make sure you invest if you are in the running for a Yuletide jumper before the big day is over. 

We loved Ruth's Christmas jumper

On Thursday morning, Ruth and husband Eamonn Holmes decided to celebrate the season with a fab pair of his 'n' hers Christmas jumpers.

£12, Primark

Ruth went for a super glam twist on the look by choosing a white jumper with a huge sequinned holly motif. Eamonn went for a novelty style featuring a "Merry Christmas" slogan and a turkey and Brussels sprouts noughts and crosses motif. Ruth brought the glam though, pairing her knit with a sequined blue midi skirt and sported a very glam beauty look - smokey eye makeup with nude lipstick and her trademark blow-dried bob.

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Speaking of the ITV favourite and her mane - we recently discovered to keep her locks looking shiny on TV, Ruth uses a hair mask that costs just £4.50 from the supermarket.

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The 58-year-old Astral ambassador has namechecked Lucy Bee's Coconut Oil for her tresses, which you can also purchase online. The blonde beauty said:  "In winter, I start using hair masks a lot. Especially as my hair is under studio lights all day." She added: "I rely on an organic coconut oil to re-hydrate my hair as it is 100% natural and deeply moisturising, I wrap my oil-coated hair in a warm towel and leave it to do its magic while I do a facial treatment. Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is my favourite brand." 

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