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16 things only fashion girls will understand

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From sneaking shopping bags past your loved ones to pretending to be embarrassed when you get stopped for a street style photo, we look at the 16 things all fashion girls will relate to...

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Carrie Bradshaw facing the daily dilemna of choosing an outfit

1. Not leaving the house until you've tried on 36 outfits before deciding that the first one was definitely the best.

2. Leaving the house and realising that the first one definitely wasn't the best and actually number 14 was way better but it's just too late to turn back.

3. Wearing shoes you 100% can't walk in but they totally make your outfit and no way are you taking them off.

4. Your significant other is also your official OOTD (outfit of the day, duh!) photographer and is sick of you shouting 'PHOTO!' whenever you spot a white background (white = Instagram-friendly, obvs).

5. Wearing sunglasses whenever, wherever and no matter what the weather.

We've mastered the art of hiding our shopping bags

6. Not being above stopping strangers in the street to find out where their bag/dress/top is from - in fact, you've been known to chase a poor girl through town just to track down her fluffy bag.

7. Mastering the art of sneaking shopping bags past your loved ones. 'What Zara bag you saw in the hallway?? How odd, that definitely wasn't mine!'

8. Not having even an inch of space left in your wardrobe but start every day feeling sorry for yourself because, well, you honestly just have nothing to wear.

9. Owning over ten pairs of trainers but none that are for going to the gym. 'Exercise?? I think you mean accessorise.'

10. Your wardrobe is almost entirely black. Even in the summer.

11. The ability to justify splurging on an item that costs as much as your rent. It's an investment piece, right?

Heels are appropriate footwear no matter where you're headed

12. Putting in orders with friends overseas because a certain brand doesn't ship to your country.

13. Eating beans on toast for a month because you've spent all your money on clothes. *googles how to make meals for under £1*.

14. Always being late (see 1.) unless it's for a sample sale or the opening of a new H&M collaboration.

15. Trying to remember where all the clothes in your outfit are from in case you get snapped for street style.

16. Pretending to be embarrassed when you're snapped for street style but secretly loving it. #streetstyled #madeit.

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