Women spend six months of their working life deciding what to wear

It seems that, no matter how many clothes we buy, that feeling of not having anything to wear doesn't stay away for long – and stressing about our different looks could literally be taking over our lives.

The average woman spends almost 20 minutes flicking through her wardrobe every day on the hunt for something to wear, and men aren't far behind with some wasting just under 15 minutes doing the same thing.


Statistics suggest women spend almost 20 minutes a day looking for something to wear

And, with having 'nothing to wear' comes wardrobe rage. For some reason, most of us think throwing a tantrum will solve the issue when it just increases the amount of time wasted.

Marks & Spencer recently conducted a survey and found that more than 60 per cent of women have regular, irrational meltdowns over getting dressed.

Fashion stylist Bay Garnett insists the regular wardrobe clear outs could solve the tantrums and the amount of time we spend getting dressed every morning.

Hoarders need to learn to let go... and Shwop!

She said: "We all need a regular closet detox. It helps us to not only choose what to wear, but also clear our mind. Opening our wardrobes in the morning can bring a startling range of emotions. Why do we put ourselves through it?

"We need to start thinking about dressing for the present: for the size we are now, for the job we're in now."

Marks & Spencer has teamed up with Oxfam to launch the Shwopping campaign, which encourages people to clear out their closets and donate – or 'shwop' – their unwanted items.

Joanna Lumley, the M&S Shwopping ambassador, said: "We are a nation that holds onto everything, because we feel it may be of use to us again, but it won't.

"By tidying your wardrobe regularly, you will not only get a tidy mind but also a clear conscience by Shwopping."

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