This girl is so good at recreating Taylor Swift costumes even Taylor's confused!

Whenever we try to imitate a celebrity's look, it doesn't go quite to plan. But one teenage girl from the Netherlands is so good at it that she's even got her idol convinced. Lotte Lutjes is a huge Taylor Swift fan and spends a lot of her time recreating the star's iconic outfits.

Two years ago Lotte, 18, and her friends went to see Taylor in her Red concert and decided to each dress up in one of the star's looks. But, unable to find the We Are Never Getting Back Together ringleader look anywhere, Lottie was forced to make her own.

taylor-outfits1 Photo: © Instagram

Lotte Lutjes recreates Taylor Swift looks - including this one from the Grammys

Which turned out to be the best thing she could've done. Since then, Lotte's taken sewing lessons and created 13 different Taylor looks – and even managed to get a shout out from the confused star.

Taylor, 26, reblogged one of Lotte's looks on Instagram, and added: "Lol I thought that was me." And we can see why she was fooled!

It was this ringleader outfit that started it all for Lotte

And working on Taylor's looks helps Lotte in more ways than one. She has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which makes it hard for her to stand or walk for long periods of time. Getting recognition for her amazing outfits gives Lotte a constant project to work on and helps with her confidence.

She told "I've felt really left out and useless at times, but this honestly felt like a whole new world! The costumes definitely make me feel more confident. No because I look like Taylor in them – that's not my main goal. I just love making them and they make me feel fierce."

After she graduates high school later this year, Lotte plans to study fashion in college and, with a fan in the form of Taylor already, we predict she's going to go far!