'I wanna slay': Nicole Scherzinger on preparing for the X Factor live shows


Nicole Scherzinger looked incredible as she stepped onto the X Factor stage for the first live show on Saturday night, showing off her incredibly toned physique in a black, full-length evening gown that cut away to reveal a gold bodice.

And in an exclusive interview with us, the star, 38, has revealed just how much prep is involved in getting ready for the all-important live shows.

"X Factor is such a huge event, you have to put your best foot forward and bring it every single weekend," said Nicole, who was celebrating the launch of the new Muller Simply Bliss yoghurt.


"A hell of a lot of thought goes into it – we start designing things, start having things made and getting dresses created. It's quite a process!"

Nicole has been working on her live show looks for some time now, but it took a while to lock down her first outfit...

"I had a four-hour fitting just for the first show!" she revealed. "I tried on so many dresses...

"I wanna slay!"

The former Pussycat Dolls singer admitted that she suffers from pre-live show nerves, but tries not to let it show for her contestants' sake.


"I always get really nervous for the live shows because it's live and scary," she said.

"But I try not to be nervous for my acts because hopefully I will have worked with them and prepared them enough for them to be great."

She added: "I don't like to be nervous for them because it puts out a bad energy... I always give them good energy and make them feel like they're going to be the best that they can be."

Having last been on the judging panel in 2013, Nicole is enjoying being back in the fold.

"I'm so happy to be back on X Factor – it's just so fun," she said.


"It's been a few years since I've been on the panel with Simon and it's great, he brings a good vibe and a good energy.

"He's great to work with and I admire him because he devotes himself to work, his work is his life."

And as for being reunited with Sharon? "Sharon is the mamma of X Factor. She's always there for me if I ever need her and that says a lot about her. She's someone that I really look up to – my mum away from home."

Nicole looks stunning on camera, but she looks even better in real life – with a radiant complexion and glossy locks, we were mesmerised and, naturally, had to quiz her on her beauty tips.

"Coconut oil," she responded. "I swear by it. People think it's just for skin and hair but you can use it for everything. It works as an anti-deodorant, anti-fungal – you could use it to brush your teeth if you had to.


"It's good to eat too – I have a teaspoon or two of it a day in a coffee. And you can cook with it, it's great for your metabolism and even your memory." Noted.

Nicole swears by her friend Tyra Banks' contour stick. "It's so good – it just makes you look instantly skinnier. Contouring is the best," she said.

As for her hair, Nicole's trick is to lay off washing as much as possible. "I don't wash my hair often at all – once a week, if that," she said.

"I think the natural oils just help and keep it stronger and more resistant."

If you watched the judges' houses episode of X Factor a few weeks back, you will have seen Nicole arriving to greet her boys on a jetski – showing off her rippling abs and incredibly toned figure. So how does she stay in such great shape?

"I work out a lot," she said. "When I'm getting in shape, I try to do around five times a week. I do everything from running to dancing to cycling to hot yoga.

"It's important to mix it physically, to keep your body guessing, but also important for your frame of mind – after so many years of working out, I don't want it to get too repetitive."

Having worked with yoghurt brand Muller for many years, Nicole is helping to launch their new Muller Simply Bliss Greek Style yoghurt, available in three flavours – Lemon, Strawberry and Vanilla.

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