Julien Macdonald teams with McDonald's on designer burger box: 'It's glamorous just like my dresses'

The talented fashion designer has unveiled a dazzling burger box for the popular food chain


Julien Macdonald has ventured into the fast food market with a bling burger box for McDonald's. Partnering with his fast food namesake, Welsh designer Julien has created a jewel-printed box for McDonald's to celebrate the expansion of the chain's Signature Collection across Britain.

Talking exclusively to HELLO!, Julien said: "It's a very exciting project to help launch their signature range. I've taken inspiration from all the things I love really – my red carpet dresses, my love of art deco and art nouveau, and my love of metallics and things that sparkle."


Julien Macdonald unveiled his new McDonald's burger box on Wednesday

The box, which wouldn't look out of place on one of Julien's runways, features McDonald's signature golden arches, though the designer opted for a subtle white shade instead of yellow, in the middle of the black box, surrounded by baroque print and sparkling gems adorning the centre of clusters of stars.


A close up at the glitzy burger box 

The box also took inspiration from dresses worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, both of whom Julien has dressed on many occasions. "Those kind of women that are strong, they are not people you won't notice. It will definitely have a stage presence like those women," Julien said of his box. 

Before the big reveal on Wednesday, Julien told us that even his own mother hadn't seen the finished design, that he hopes people will see the funny side to. 

"She will definitely have it in the living room. She has a shrine to me, with all my achievements and awards throughout the years. There will be the McDonalds box among them all. She will be very proud as she is a huge McDonalds fan," he said. 

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