Rochelle Humes talks party dressing and reveals who's the most fun at the This Morning Christmas party

To celebrate her Christmas edit with New Look, we interviewed Rochelle on all things festive...

Rochelle Humes has dropped her newest edit for New Look - and it's the oh-so-fabulous Christmas party collection. Think sparkle, shine and the chicest of accessories. To celebrate the drop, we visited Rochelle to discuss all things Christmas. From what she wears on Christmas Day, to how she decorates the house and even her festive styling rules. Plus, watch her play a game of HELLO! / Goodbye to find out even more what Christmas with the Humes family is like. 



Rochelle Humes on... her latest Christmas party edit for New Look

"I love Christmas, I love party season and I love dressing for that but I don't always want to be in sparkle and I don't always want to be in a sequin dress constantly, that's not really me. So with this edit, I've done it a little bit more subtly. I love the new suit, and we used materials that are more fun that give you that little bit of sparkle and that aren't like bling, bling, bling! I am a bit of a magpie but I don't like to wear it all the time - I think people expect me to be like 'sequins!' but I've never been like that." 

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Rochelle Humes on... her favourite New Look Christmas pieces

"I think the suit 100 per cent. And the coat! We re-worked this because I did it in white for my last edit and the coat completely flew in no time and so we've re-worked it for this time and I like that it's kind of deeper in colour and more wintery.  It's so comfortable, it's the perfect coat." 

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Rochelle Humes on... her Christmas Day styling rules

"I love layering, I like to get excited, I like to think about what I could possibly wear for Christmas Day, I'm into all of that, even though I'm only in my house I do get dressed up for Christmas Day, it's the tradition. And then after dinner, I put my brand new pyjamas on. It's just the thing, we just have to do it. Everyone gets new pyjamas, don't they? You've got to test them out!"

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Rochelle Humes on… being a jeans-and-a-nice-top girl

"Totally. I think in London there's no such thing as underdressing, which I quite like. I do enjoy dressing up, especially during the party season, but I do think you can go into a really high-end restaurant in a pair of jeans and a nice pair of trainers if you want and I kind of love the beauty of that."

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Rochelle Humes on… the This Morning Christmas party

"Well, we do a kind of Christmas lunch for the whole This Morning family and yeah that's in the diary this year, but the one that's dangerous is our managers Christmas Party where everyone is there. I don't put anything on the morning after. That's always like our last hurrah."

Rochelle Humes on… the most fun cast member for a staff night out

"Alison Hammond is just the best human in the world, she makes any party fun. She is amazing. It's like an actual Christmas dinner that we sit and have, so I just like to listen to her stories and drink some wine. It's relatively tame because it's straight after the show, so we finish at like half 12 and then off the air and then by 1-ish we all go for lunch."

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Rochelle Humes on… the kids and their letters to Santa

"My little girl works on it all year. She's old school because my mum will always bring her the Argos catalogue and I'm like, 'do they still even exist?' But my mum finds them! And she will circle things. It's crazy - it brings back so many memories. So, we go through that and I'm like, 'okay within reason, Santa will bring some of this but let's just narrow some of this down, because everything is circled'. And she is good, she circles things for her sister too but I think that's tactical she gets praised for that, she learnt that so she says 'this is for my sister' and looks around for everyone's response."

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Rochelle Humes on... the kids raiding her wardrobe

"All the time! My nieces come over and my cousin's kids and they're all in my wardrobe, it's actually a nightmare - I need to get a lock on it. They just love to do it and you can't help it, I remember doing it when I was a kid. It's funny to see how they put it all together, y'know, with the clutch bag under the arm."

Rochelle Humes on… what brings the most stress and anxiety over Christmas

"Shopping! And I hate those last-minute guests that call in and they give you a present and you go 'oh my god I didn't buy anything for their kids, what do I do?' So I have to have standby things, even if it's just a selection box. Otherwise, it's just the 'have I done this? Have I done that?' and we will literally be around the table on Christmas Day and we'll do the kids and our stuff in the morning and then the family come over and everyone's opening stuff and Marvin will NOT know what's in that gift until it's open. He's like 'ohhh did we get you that?' And I'm like 'yes babe, we did' so I have to give a little debrief before like, this is what you got your mum this year." 

Rochelle Humes on… decorating the house and getting the kids involved

"I love it because that's what it's all about. I get so excited, I put the tree up before you should, and I'm aware of that, but I just think I really like it and then you go to all that effort putting it up and taking it down and I'm like 'let's make the most of this!' I'll put that tree up in November whether Marvin wants me to or not. 

"I have garlands down the stairs, a wreath on the door, a tree in my kitchen… I might just do two this year, yeah. I did lights outside the house last year and it was so impractical, it chipped all the paint off my windows so I'm not doing that again."

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