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Top 8 pieces belonging to Queen Letizia's £42m jewellery collection

Queen Letizia of Spain has a dazzling array of valuable jewels

queen letizia jewellery
Tania Leslau
Tania LeslauLifestyle Writer
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queen letizia diamond necklace expensive© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia has impeccable style, so why should her jewellery collection be any different? The Spanish royal is the epitome of elegance, often sporting designer outfits and luxury jewellery. But can you guess how much the 49-year old's jewellery collection costs? Tip – pick a number and double it.

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Diamonds, sapphires and pearls dominate the collection, which costs a whopping £42 million in total. With the help of the UK jewellery experts at Steven Stone, we've rounded up our top eight pieces from the glittering archive. Prepare for some razzle-dazzle, because these pieces are truly unforgettable.


Queen Letizia's diamond necklace and bracelet


Combined estimated value: € 23,600,000 (£20,000,000)

The most expensive piece on the list, this beautiful diamond necklace was given to Victoria of Spain by Alfonso XIII and worn by Queen Letizia on a trip to Japan. The King would add two stones to Victoria's necklace every anniversary, culminating in a dazzlingly radiant large jewel.

queen letizia fleur de lis tiara© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia's Fleur-de-Lys tiara


Estimated value: € 12,000,000 (£10,000,000)

Queen Letizia has donned this breathtaking tiara on many occasions, including during a visit Buckingham Palace in 2017 and to the Imperial Enthronement in Tokyo in 2019.

The diamonds were set in platinum, matching the composition of the three Fleur-de-Lys, the symbol for King Alfonso's family (the original owner of the item) – the House of Bourbon

queen letizia joyas de pasar chanton earrings

Queen Letizia's Joyas de Pasar diamond chanton earrings


Estimated value: €7,200,000 (£6,000,000)

Belonging to the Joyas de Pasar collection, meaning the “jewels that are passed down”, these diamond earrings are a familiar favourite of Queen Letizia's.

The royal wore the earrings most recently in November 2021, during a State banquet hosted by King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia of Sweden in Stockholm.

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queen letizia spanish floral tiara© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia's Spanish floral tiara and diamond earrings


Estimated value: € 2,400,000 (£2,000,000)

Another of Queen Letizia's favourites, this diamond floral tiara originally from Queen Sophia's collection was made in the 19th century. The lightweight, traditional piece is a versatile item to wear and complements both modern and formal clothing and hairstyles.

queen letizia joyas de pasar bracelets© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia's Joyas de Pasar bracelets


Estimated value: € 1,590,000 (£1,300,000)

Another piece worn to the State banquet in Sweden, these diamond bracelets were also part of the Joyas de Pasar collection that would be passed down through the Spanish royals.

These jewels are described as “dos pulseras iguales de brillantes” (two matching diamond bracelets) and boast ribbon-like detailing.

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queen letizia diamond sapphire earrings© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia's diamond and sapphire earrings


Estimated value: € 1,800,000 (£1,500,000)

Queen Letizia wore these gorgeous diamond and sapphire statement earrings for a banquet in July 2017 at the Guildhall in London, which she paired with the Spanish floral tiara.

Featuring four huge sapphires and approximately 100 diamonds, these earrings are exceptionally heavy to wear.

queen letizia prussian tiara© Photo: Getty Images

Queen Letizia's Prussian tiara


Estimated value: € 900,000 (£750,000)

The royal wore this special piece on her wedding day and it has since become a personal favourite.

The piece is a German imperial heirloom, passed down through female family members until it reached Letizia’s mother-in-law, Queen Sofia of Spain, who also wore the piece on her wedding day.

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queen letizia cartier bracelets© Photo: Rex

Queen Letizia's Cartier diamond bracelet


Estimated value: € 600,000 (£500,000)

King Felipe’s mother, Queen Sofia, gifted her daughter-in-law this custom diamond bracelet from Cartier.

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Inspired by Greek columns, this piece is a garish glitterbomb and Letizia has been seen wearing it for various events, including at the Princesa de Asturias awards in 2017.

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