The Oscar-winner's grin is worth a whopping $976,000. "It was impossible to find any major fault with this smile," said Dr Baise
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Charlize Theron, whose pearly whites weighed in at $935,000, is also a dental dream. Here the South African actress shows off her grin after picking up the Golden Globe for best actress

27 FEBRUARY 2004

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Tinseltown's leading dentist has confirmed what many movie fans have suspected for some time - Halle Berry has the greatest smile in Hollywood.

According to renowned doctor Ron Baise, Halle's grin is worth more than that of any other actress. The cosmetic surgeon, who specialises in giving stars perfect teeth, has compiled a new league of the movie industry's best beamers.

By putting monetary values on ten key facial points, including whiteness, amount of gum showing and straightness, Ron has worked out who is closest to having a real "million dollar smile".

And he reckons Halle's grin is worth $976,000, making it number one in the countdown. "It is impossible to find any major fault with this smile," he said. Julia Roberts came second with a $944,000 version, while Oscar favourite Charlize Theron also had reason to beam, after taking third place, at $935,000.

Some of the movie industry's leading ladies were left frowning, however, after Ron criticised their happy faces. Catherine Zeta-Jones was described as "unnatural" while Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman came last, after the dental whiz said she was "very gummy". "Her tooth symmetry is poor and her teeth should ideally be longer and whiter," he declared.

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