30 JANUARY 2009

At the very pinnacle of their game, Oscar winners Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman are more than used to the flash of photographers' cameras. Something which was to their advantage as the pair lensed a new scene for upcoming musical film Nine in Rome this week.

Glamorous Nicole cut a Brigitte Bardot-esque figure with a fur coat and a backcombed blonde 'do as she joined dapper Daniel in the front seat of a blue classic convertible for the Sixties-set movie.

And art imitated life as the pair lensed a scene in which their characters were chased by members of the press as they sped away from the capital's Cinecitta film studios.

Nine - which also stars Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren and Marion Cotillard - features Daniel as Italian film maker Guido Contini, who struggles to finish his new film while balancing all the women in his life.

In the remake of the Fellini flick, Nicole plays opposite Daniel as Claudia, his muse and protégé, while Marion plays his wife Luisa, and Penelope his sexy mistress, Carla. Italian screen veteran Sophia portrays his mother, Kate plays Vogue journalist Stephanie, while Judi stars as his producer Liliane.

Photo: PA
The pair film a 1960s paparazzi moment as they get to work on the Rome set of Nine
Photo: PA
Nicole, who plays Daniel's character's muse, was every inch a Sixties starlet as she and her English co-star made their 'escape' in a classic car