My Henry's worth the effort says single mother Minnie Driver

If Minnie Driver looks like she has her hands full with little Henry Story Driver - to give her son his complete name - you can be sure she doesn't mind.

The Hollywood actress has confessed to being quite the besotted mum - even despite her decision to go it alone as a single mum, which, she says, caused an "insane earthquake" in her life.

Minnie - who has never named the father of her child – has been candid about the rigours of motherhood.

"If he’s sleeping I’m trying to sleep and when you’re breast-feeding you’re the milk machine," she explains.

"There’s no time to pick up the guitar, much less go for a walk or have a beer."

But though her blond-haired angel's arrival on September 5, 2008 turned her life upside down, the 39-year-old actress wouldn't have it any other way.

She enthuses: "There’s no amount of hassle that could be bigger than my love for Henry and the hilarity and joy that he has brought into my life”.