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Andy and Jamie's friendship on the brink in MIC

jamie andy
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Made in Chelsea was back on Monday night with an evening of new loves and even more love triangles between the London elite.Enjoying the sunny weather, Alik, Stevie and Andy caught up over Brunch and chatted about Andy's confusing dating relationship with Jess, who only showed interest in him last week. However, Andy wasn't the only one confused in love as Alik admitted to his friends that him and Louise weren’t in a good place. Stevie even revealed that Louise had slapped him for taking over too much room in the bed.


Alik and Louise have been having a rough time in their relationship recently

Across town, Toff was collecting some books from the library before Mark Francis walked in to quiz her on her politics essay and university. Noticing her lack of love in recent months, Mark questioned if she had 'come out' to society as a debutant yet as this is a great way of meeting charming young gentleman."Mark I think I could do with a little bit of coaching, a bit of refinery," said Toff before Mark suggested that all she needed was a bit of Chanel and attitude and the boys would be queuing up to date her.The next day, the boys hit the field to play a game of rugby in front of a drooling set of MIC girls. "They look like actual men," said Binky Felstead as her and Louise watched the boys roll around in the mud. However, there seemed to be only one boy on Binky's mind as she watched MIC newcomer, JP.After the game, Andy introduced JP to Binky and left the two to get to know each other. After a bizarre in-depth potted history of his lack of relationships, JP invited Binky out for a date in order to get to know London, and the MIC veteran. However, Binky wasn’t interested in historic culture joking: "Stay away from museums and art galleries with me."


Binky and JP agree to go on a date together following meeting at the rugby

Later that afternoon, Andy and Jess caught up with their friends at the pub but their conversation was quickly interrupted by Fleur walking in the room. Andy admitted that he was confused with Jess' on/off behaviour with him but she reassured him that she did like him.Over in Fulham, Rosie, Louise and Stephanie chatted about Louise and Alik’s relationship and whether she still loved him. Louise explained that while she does love him "there’s a lot to work on".Shopping for electric guitars, Andy and Binky spoke briefly about Binky’s interest in JP following the rugby match. "I like a man’s man," joked Binky before saying that’s why her and Andy never could work. When questioned about his feelings for Jess, Andy explained that she has been so hot and cold with him and only interested when Fleur came on the scene."I wouldn’t trust her," warned Binky.Jess' ears must have been burning as her and Millie went shopping in London and the conversation quickly turned to Jess' relationship with Andy. "The more I spend time with him the more I like him," admitted Jess, clearly worried Andy would prefer Fleur.That evening, Andy invited Fleur to his music studio for a casual date with beers and the duo soon revealed their interest for a long-standing relationship. Fleur admitted she had previously been in an eight year relationship before Andy revealed that he wasn’t comfortable dating both her and Jess. In a bid to lighten the mood, Andy joked that Fleur could have another beer if she kissed him, much to his date’s glee.While Andy romanced Fleur, the rest of the boys went on a night out in the hope of finding new romances. At the bar, new boys Elliott and James buped into HELLO! Online blogger Lucy Watson who has been absent of late from MIC.Clearly smitten with James, Lucy returned to her night out with Stephanie before admitting: "I'm enjoying being single but I’m not a man hater anymore." Later that night, Jess joined the boys after receiving multiple texts from Jamie but promised she was there to enjoy the night with him only as friends.


Jamie has angered Andy following 'hooking up' with Jess

With the sun shining and escaping to the country, JP drove Binky out to the Surrey countryside for a picnic in the fields and revealed that he found it more attractive when a girl enjoyed the outdoors, to which Binky agreed.Back in London, Alik went over to Louise’s house to patch things up and took "partial" blame for their problems while Andy admitted to Stevie that he kissed Fleur and didn’t know where he would stand now with Jess.Back in the country, JP and Binky seemed to be falling head over heels with each other, with JP attempting to romance his date with his failed French accent and her with her lack of geographic knowledge. Clearly smitten for his date, JP asked if Binky would join him on another outing saying: "I think it would be nice if we called it a date."


Andy recently posted a youthful picture of him and Jamie as friends at school

The next morning, a hungover Jess admitted to Emily: "I hooked up with Jamie, I don’t know what happened." Regretting her "mistake" Jess wondered if she had ruined things for good with Andy.Meanwhile, Andy and Jamie caught up and Andy sat down to reveal to his friend that following his date with Fleur, all he could think about was Jess. "I like Jess, I want her say, 'I want to be with you.'"It didn’t take long before Jamie Laing interrupted his friend to say: "I hooked up with Jess last night," much to his friend's anger.That weekend, the MIC crew hit a garden party and Binky told Lucy and Stephanie about her lovely date with JP, just before JP came over to explain his housemate, James, found Lucy "extremely attractive".


Loved-up Stephanie is happy to see her friend Lucy Watson finally looking for love

"If he wants to ask me on a date, he can come over and ask me," before Stephanie welcomed him to the family.While Toff revealed to Sam Thompson that she was wearing a Chanel jacket and had brushed her hair in a bid to find a boy, Elliott soon walked over and admitted that he and Toff had shared some drunken kisses in the past.Meanwhile, Jamie admitted to Jess that he had told Andy about them hooking up before Jess said that she quite liked Andy, clearly upsetting Jamie. Bumping into Lucy, James finally found the courage to chat to Lucy and asked her what she liked to do for fun. "I actually liked camping," she said, surprising her love interest who thought she was more the hotel type.Finally, Jess apologised to Andy about her night with Jamie and he told her that he thought they should end their relationship and admitted to being scared to date with Jess. "I told you how I felt about you," said Jess, which was too late for Andy."You hooking up with Jamie, confirmed all my fears," he said as Jess attempted to resolve things. "I just don’t know what to do," admitted Andy as Jess said he would be "silly" to call things off and give up on them.Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9pm on E4.