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Alik and Louise's relationship is on the rocks in MIC episode three

lauren spencer
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Made in Chelsea episode three returned on Monday night with even more girl drama and love triangles developing among the London elite. Following last week's awkward encounters between Lauren Hutton and Stephanie Pratt and Nicole and Binky, it was sure to be a night of confrontation and tears.With the sun finally shining in London town, Binky, Rosie, Stephanie and Louise went out for a springtime lunch together and spoke about the awkward argument between Stephanie and Lauren at the ballet.Opening up to her friend, Binky told Stephanie that her brunch with Lauren, Proudlock and Spencer Matthews the day after wasn’t as fun as she expected, admitting that Lauren was actually enjoying Stephanie’s relationship trouble. "If that entertained them, that’s really depressing," added Louise.

lauren spencer

Spencer and Lauren were enjoying Stephanie and Josh's relationship drama

Walking down the King's Road with designer shopping bags, Fran and Lauren enjoyed a spot of luxury while chatting about Lauren's living situation with Spencer.Despite moving out, Lauren admitted that her and Spencer had agreed to her having spare key. "We're disgustingly happy," she joked much to Fran's surprise.Meanwhile, Spencer went for a run with Jamie Laing and Alex and said that there was no way that he would give Lauren a key. "She can just call me…I'll let her in," he added.Andy finally showed up to lunch to catch up with Louise and Binky and admitted that his date with Jess was awkward, especially as she refused to kiss him. Following the gossip-fuelled meet up Binky and Andy chatted about Jess before she spotted her friend Fleur."Hello hot girl," whispered Andy, as Binky and him approached Fleur before Fleur told her friend that Andy was "so good looking".Enjoying a spot of tea with the girls, Lauren opened up to Victoria and Fran about Stephanie's relationship problems with Josh, revelling in Spencer's ex's misery. "Revenge is best served cold," joked Lauren. `Across town, Jamie and Proudlock paid a visit to Alik's flat and found him sitting on the sofa with Buddy the dog, eating chocolate biscuits. Suggesting that Alik should get active and start going to the gym with them, Alik defended his lifestyle to the boys saying: "I feel very comfortable where I am."


Alik and Louise's relationship has suffered in recent months since his move to London

Meanwhile, Louise took out her anger with her relationship at a Pscyle class with Stephanie and Rosie. "Things with Alik haven’t been great at the moment. I find him quite lazy," said Louise, confused with her static relationship with her American boyfriend. "Lazy is the worst trait someone can have," added Rosie.That night, Alex, Nicola, Jess and Andy finally went on their double date and the conversation soon turned towards the love triangle forming between Nicola, Jamie Laing and Andy. "Jamie is the meddler. He’d love to get in there and cause a rift," joked Andy.Alik and Louise caught up with Stephanie and Josh at a wine tasting evening, making an effort to get out of the house and socialise. However, troubled relationships seemed to be the topic of the night as Louise admitted that Lauren was enjoying Stephanie and Josh's recent love drama."When she found out about you guys she was high fiving Spencer saying 'in your face Steph Pratt',"revealed Louise, much to Josh and Stephanie's shock."She's so obsessed with a little bump that we had," said Stephanie before Josh told her not to bring it up with Lauren.That night, Fleur met up with Binky and Millie to find out all of the gossip from Jess’ date with Andy. "Now I'm thinking 'Should I just go for it?'" asked Fleur before texting Andy while he was on his double date with Jess, Nicola and Andy."Dammit competition," said Jess when she found out that Andy was considering texting Fleur back. "I think it's going to work in your favour Andy," joked Alex, clearly enjoying the awkwardness between the pair.


Jess is stuck in a love triangle with Jamie and Andy but is now starting to have stronger feelings for Andy

As the night drew to a close, Andy told Jess not to worry about Fleur’s text but sensing the competition, Jess said it didn't bother her before agreeing to a kiss from her date.The next day, Binky, Louise, Stephanie and Rosie sipped on champagne and ate canapés before Binky opened up about her relationship worries. "You've realised what’s getting you down so you can speak about it before it gets worse," added Binky, telling her friend that it didn’t make her a bad person to talk about these things.Meanwhile, Alik, Alex and Spencer went for a spot of shopping and Spencer admitted that independence was essential in a relationship. "Space is key," joked Spencer, revealing that it was "too soon" to move in with Lauren but quickly added that he caved in and gave her a key.Over in Kensington, Jamie, Andy and newcomer JP caught up in the park and discussed Andy's date with Jess before he admitted that he had received a text from Fleur."Girls seem to dig you more when another girl is interested in you. I ended up hooking up with Jess. I've never been in this position before," he said, annoying Jamie who is still texting Jess. "You’re just jealous," added Andy, teasing his friend.Andy and Jess' date was a hot topic that day as Millie and Jess later met up, with Jess revealing that she "properly snogged" Andy but soon admitted that she was still unsure as to whether she really liked him. The next second, Fleur walked in and was confronted immediately by Jess about her text message."He’s not as safe as I thought. He's not as into me as I thought," joked Jess as Fleur admitted that she thought Andy was good looking and questioned her friend as to whether she was interested in pursuing her budding romance with Andy.


Despite the relationship drama, Nicola and Alex's relationship seems to be getting better and better

The following night, the MIC cast met up at an art gallery event, with Lauren and Stephanie soon bumping into each other to discuss the sly comments behind each other’s backs."Celebrating the fact that I was upset was on such a level of evil," said Stephanie before Lauren replied, "You were an absolute cow last year." Bringing up the fact she knew Lauren was high-fiving Spencer about her relationship problems, Stephanie asked Lauren why she would be so cruel before Lauren denied any such act.Back at home, Alik spent an evening alone before Louise joined him to talk about their issues. "I just feel that you've become a bit complacent and that's not really attractive for me," said Louise. "It's very difficult for me being here, not having a lot to do," he admitted, revealing that since moving to London, his life has been put on hold and he was bored out of his mind."Things I did in New York, I can’t do here," added Alik before Louise revealed that her opinion of Alik was changing.Back at the art gallery, Jess opened up to Andy about her jealousy with Fleur texting him and apologised for her fleeting attitude towards him. "It's not because I’m not interested, I’m interested," she said, seconds before Andy admitted that he was flirting with Fleur and had asked her "to hang out".Surprised with this revelation, Jess replied: "Have fun with Fleur," much to Andy's confusion.Made in Chelsea continues next Monday on E4 at 9pm.

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