Victoria sneak peek: WATCH the romantic scenes between Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes

In this week's preview of Victoria, fans are given a sneak peek at the post-wedding life of newlyweds Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who married in the most recent episode.

Albert feels worthless, having no real role in the household, and matters are made even worse when the Duke of Sussex refuses to let him take precedence at dinner.

Hoping that an heir will garner more respect, the Prince, played by Tom Hughes, has a discussion about starting a family with Victoria, played by Jenna Coleman.

"It would make me so happy to have a real family," says Albert.

"Aren't you happy now Albert?" asks the Queen.

"Of course, but I so want to be a father and you will make a wonderful mother. I promise," he says.

The minute-long clip shows the couple strolling in the palace grounds, with Jenna looking radiant as the young monarch. Her character Victoria went on to have nine children with Prince Albert.

Are Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes dating in real life?


Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman are reportedly dating in real life

"It's a huge love story," Jenna told HELLO! Online and other media outlets at a London press conference for the show.

"But it's a love story within a domestic transaction. You've got the business side of their relationship as well as the inner workings of their own passionate relationship. They have to negotiate with each other, literally what salary Albert is going to get paid, while writing love letters.

"I think constantly throughout their relationship they're navigating their passion and their love, and being in the bedroom and then being in the Throne Room. Having both of these sides of the relationship makes really interesting dynamics and really interesting storytelling."

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"It's a huge love story," said the actress

Daisy Goodwin, the writer, prepared the script by reading Victoria's old diaries. Her fascination with the monarch started at university when she was researching for an essay, and discovered there was more to the "old bag".

"It all started when I was 19, I was sitting in the university library and I was looking through the diaries of Queen Victoria," she said.


"I think constantly throughout their relationship they're navigating their passion and their love," she said

"I was thinking, ugh, Queen Victoria, old bag in a bonnet, and I suddenly saw this line of text that said, 'I've just seen my darling Albert in white cashmere breeches with nothing on underneath.' And I thought yes, this is a girl with passion, this is a passionate teenager and she leapt off the page at me. I've had a bit of a thing for Victoria ever since.

"I had this notion of this tempestuous teenager suddenly becoming the Queen who really doesn't get on with her mother. From them on, the scenes just sprang from the page and I thought this is the Victoria that people don't know."