X Factor's Relley C on Honey G: 'We used to watch EastEnders together'

Sharnaz Shahid

X Factor contestant Relley C has opened up about what it's like living in the contestant's house with Honey G - and it turns out the rapper's an EastEnders fan!

While most of the time the controversial contestant keeps herself to herself in the house, working hard and maintaining her image, there is a chink in the Honey G armour - and that's her penchant for soap operas.

Relley, who became the third person to be eliminated from the ITV competition after a sing-off with Four Of Diamonds on Sunday night, spoke to HELLO! Online on Monday morning about Honey G's at home persona.



X Factor star Relley C has revealed Honey G's an EastEnders fan

"She is a lovely woman but she does keep herself to herself," Relley said. "From the word go, when we first got into the house, I said I needed to watch EastEnders and she said, 'Me too!' I love a bit of EastEnders and 8 O'clock on the dot me and Honey G were downstairs waiting for it to come on. But apart from that, we don't really see her. She's always in her room rehearsing, she works really hard to maintain this image and persona."

Relley also spoke about Honey G's place on the singing show, insisting that her former competitor deserves her place on the lineup as much as anyone else.

"She's the first rapper that the UK X Factor has ever had," she continued. "She is different, whether you like her or not, she has a massive fan base and I think that is why she is still there – I take my hat off to her, I really do."

The singer, who hails from Birmingham, also defended Sharon Osbourne's recent behaviour on the live shows, claiming it's down to "being a hardworking woman".


The singer defended Sharon Osbourne's recent behaviour on the live shows

Quick to praise her mentor's efforts, the former hopeful told HELLO! Online: "I absolutely love Sharon, she is the best mentor to have. I know there's been a lot of talk about her not being 100 per cent on the live shows but I think that is due to her being a hardworking woman."

She added: "From the start she has always said, 'I just want you to go out there and be yourself because you come across so well. Everybody really likes you and they are rooting for you, don't change for anybody.' But then I tell Sharon, 'Oh but I'm too brummie'. She said, 'Don't be daft.'"

On Sunday, Relley, tried to win over the judges with her rendition of Bonnie Raitt's classic Can't Make You Love Me, revealed there were no bad feelings towards Four of Diamonds after they were saved.

"The Four Of Diamonds have had an experience – they didn't even know that they were going to make it to the live shows," she said. "They're there now and I'm really happy for them. If there was anyone I was going to be in the bottom two with, it was them. I've seen them in rehearsals and they are amazing, they have so much potential."

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