Four of Diamonds give an insight into living with 'big sister' Honey G in the X Factor House

Hanna Fillingham

X Factor's last remaining girl group, Four of Diamonds, have opened up about life in the X Factor house when the cameras are off - and according to the girls, it's like one big happy family, with one especially noisy member.

Speaking to HELLO! Online, the group revealed that the loudest person to live with was Jordan, from fellow band 5 After Midnight.

"He will be singing on the stairs at 3am, we love him to pieces and hearing his amazing voice but not at that time! He is nocturnal! But it's so nice as if you are up late and wanting to have someone to go and chat to, he is always there," they said.


Four of Diamonds reveal that 'noisy' contestant Jordan keeps them up with his singing at 3am

Another house member that made an impact on the girls is Honey G, who they said looked out for them throughout the competition.

"She is so cute, she's like a big sister to us which is really nice," they added.

And it turns out that while relaxing in the comforts of the X Factor house, Honey G can be seen without her trademark sunglasses and hat, to reveal her brown eyes.

"People talk about her like she's not a normal person but she is! She's a woman and works hard and the glasses and the hat are what make her, her. She makes a great cup of tea too!" they said.


The group were the last girl band in the competition

While Four of Diamonds said their schedule meant there was no time for any new blossoming romances in the house, they revealed they hope that "adorable" couple and fellow contestants Emily and Ryan will one day get married. Could an X Factor wedding soon be on the cards?

The band enjoyed their time in the house together so much so, that they are even planning on repeating the experience in the near future.

"We want to move in together if we can, with a pet dog!" they said.


The girls hope to move in together in the future, along with a pet dog

While the girls were sad to leave the show on Saturday night, they said that they were happy that their time on the show was so positive. Giving an insight into their relationship with mentor Louis and the other judges, they said: "We love Louis and had a brief chat with him after the competition. Simon also came in to speak to us to say that he loved us and that just maybe the competition wasn't the right thing for us – everything happens for a reason and we are proud of ourselves and that is the main thing."

Sharon is also a fan of the girls, and greets them in an extra special way whenever she sees them.

"Every time we see Sharon in the corridor she sticks her tongue out and pulls a face, she's so funny and sweet," they laughed.

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