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Emma Watson plays hilarious prank on unsuspecting nanny: watch


Actress Emma Watson is known for her dazzling roles as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, but her funniest part to date came on Friday's The Ellen Degeneres Show. Emma retweeted the video on her Twitter page this weekend. Chat show host Ellen tasked Emma to play a funny prank on an unsuspecting nanny, leaving both Ellen and the audience in hysterics. "I sent @EmmaWatson to interview a nanny with hidden cameras. P.s. She doesn’t have kids," tweeted Ellen.

The hilarious debacle kicked off with the A-list actress welcoming the nanny into her dressing room, with Ellen delivering her lines through an ear piece. "Please come in, sit wherever you want," said Emma. Yet when the woman sat on the sofa, Emma quipped, "Oh interesting choice." She added: "I'm looking for a nanny. But here’s the thing. You'd be my nanny." The pair giggle, but Emma's behaviour soon becomes increasingly bizarre. She asks the nanny about herself but then cuts her off twice mid-sentence. "I got it" says Emma rudely, then "Back to me" as if bored by her.

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Ellen's lines for Emma get even more amusing, as Emma reveals: "I'm very particular. I don't like crusts on sandwiches. I don't like milk but I like red bull. I don't need help to go potty… I want us to be like family and the family that laughs together stays together." Emma then starts laughing manically for what seems like ages, only to be ordered to stop abruptly and stare in silence at the nanny. Then it’s time for the waterworks as fantastic actress Emma is tasked with suddenly crying. "My finger really hurts," she explains, trying to hold back the laughter. She holds her finger out to the nanny and asks, "Can you make it better?" Ellen is in stitches. "I don't know what to do," replied the nanny bemused.

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Emma Watson played a funny prank on Friday's The Ellen Degeneres Show

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An Oscar-winning moment comes when Ellen instructs Emma to open a nearby cupboard and take out an enormous multi-coloured lollipop, lick it and offer it to the now slightly terrified nanny. The antics get more hilarious when Emma throws her mobile across the room in mock-rage and then looks in the mirror asking herself, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best little girl of them all? You are Emma, you are." Finally Emma reveals she’s not really looking for a nanny: "You're on the Ellen show right now!" she tells the poor woman. Hugely relieved, she says, "I was like, is this a joke? Oh my gosh, I’m so confused!"

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